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    Like many have said, yichus is something one should be proud of.

    Also, almost every Jew has yichus whether he knows it or not.


    yankdownunder- thank you… I was starting to question my sanity when reading some of these posts.

    Why are we so hypocritical though? We say that it doesnt matter that much, it all depends on the person themselves (mashalim said before of the zeroes and the potatoes…) but when it comes to acceptance to a yeshiva, seminary, elementary school or a job or a shidduch it suddenly is of the utmost importance? Why are only those without significant yichus standing in the lines waiting to get into a school? Are any of those unable to get into a high school with “real yichus”? why is it that some girls have no idea where they will get into seminary but others are guaranteed a place before they apply?

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