Does למודי חול constitute ביטל תורה?

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    There are multiple ways to do ביטול תורה, and learning science and profession are not the worst. Maybe comes before posting on CR.


    So you’re trying to communicate that we should only refrain from engaging in the worst iteration of aveiros; but commiting an aveira in not the worst way, isn’t so bad?


    I read in an old book: if the Czar would know the value of Torah, he would put a soldier with a rifle near every learning Jew.

    This was the end of the page and, while turning the page, I finished the paragraph in my mind “and the soldier will defend the Jew from anyone who is attacking him”.

    The next page actually said: and every time the Jew will get distracted, the soldier will prick him with the bayonet…. I overestimated external and underestimated internal threats …


    I am expanding on R Soloveichik’s quip that we discussed before: he learned philosophy while other talmidei chachamim (sic!) were saying lashon hara about him.

    Take a broader view here: learning chol is an aveira by some and in some circumstances and a worthy thing to do by others, depending on circumstances. There are a lot of bitul zman options that are negative without having a possible positive side. So, start by eliminating them.


    One of the big poskim once said, reden in lernen is bimchom bittul torah

    Reb Eliezer

    My rebbi said נשיח בחקך when speaking, it should be in the Torah. אם בחקתי תלכו when walking one speaks in Torah, comes from ameilos, putting effort in learning the Torah.


    We have many psukim, inclduing in daily and Shabbos davening that connect talmidei chachamim with good community feelings – darkei noam, merabim shalom, etc. That is, a true talmid chacham is the one whose speech results in such. That is, those whose speech results in insults and discord are engaged in bitul TDorah even if they think that they are “speaking in Torah”.

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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