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    > This seems very different from fake reviews to me

    They are saying they’ll pay her for a more detailed POSITIVE review, and presumably not saying that she is paid. The questions seem to be

    1) would she exaggerate due to a payment, even unconsciously. this is similar to the judge/bride problem
    2) it is implied here that the review will look like a freely written one. Gnevas daas? Or just expounding on what she said for free already?
    3) I alluded above to Yevamos 63 where R Hiya lies to his mother to give the correct soup to his father Rav and we learn from there that even when lying is allowed l’derech shalom, the children should not get used doing that.

    I wonder whether an erliche solution would to be post a better review and finish it with thank you to the nice company providing me with funds to spend time writing this longer article.

Viewing 51 post (of 51 total)
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