For whom is ???? ???? really the greatest ??? ??????? for?

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    Shticky Guy

    Is it the Baalei Batim? The Kolel Yungerleit? The Talmidei Chachamim? The kids? The mothers? The Zeides and Bubbas?

    Or the dentists? And eg Leibers and Paskesz.

    Have you any idea how many candies my kids came home with over ???? ???? ??? And chocolate bars, jellies, fizz pops, gum, licorice etc etc. So who was really the happiest?


    everybody! 😀 who ISN’T happy, is the question..


    You were. So was I.


    Kids/dad: They get to spend time with each others

    Mom: She can get some much needed rest

    Dentist: He knows he’s going to strike it rich. Candy throwing is out of hand, and should be stopped. 1 per child is enough.


    For some reason that I can’t figure out, they don’t give candy to the 12+ crowd, or at least not on the womens side… Would anyone share some candy with me? (Please with a cherry on top?)



    kapusta-come to my shul -plenty of candy on the ladies side. I am still on a sugar high!


    I think it says somewhere that sweets are ?????, make one accustomed to (don’t have a better word) the Torah. A bunch of sweets ONE DAY, in my humblest opinion, won’t do too much damage (to the child, that is). It’s a good thing to associate Torah with ‘ZeesKite’. When a child is brought in, the first time, the minhag is to lick off honey from the letters, a minhag of old. That feeling of ZeesKite ‘sticks’!

    YW Band

    My father’s joke is since the ladies are patur from succah! He’s not against ladies lol

    Shticky Guy

    Kapusta Please come on over to my house! My kids have between 300 and 900 candies EACH! (Depending on age and gender). And that is after eating their way thru most of the hakafos! Its crazy! Completely OTT! You may choose as many as you wish. I can offer you a bag full of whichever colors you like! They have sat for hours and hours counting, drooling, swapping, counting again. So I for one and mrs shticky for another are NOT overly happy about it.

    In our shul they give out fancy peckelach to girls age 12+ that stay in the ladies and do not go into the mens shul.


    The Simcha is about the Siyum of the Sefer. Therefore, the Baal Kore has the biggest Simcha.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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