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    I just looked over my collection of adorable, pretty face masks. The ones that literally go right near my mouth…
    Is it okay to use them on Pesach?
    How would I clean them?
    What’s everyone here planning to do?


    Use new ones only.

    Seichel hatorah

    אסור אסור


    My family minhag is to wear a mask properly, not to chew in a mask, and keep it so that the huldas from the neighbors will not reach them. So, we have nothing to worry.

    If you keep your mask down so that a kezayit of hametz can fall through, or wear it on a beard that holds breakfast leftovers, you need to worry.


    I don’t eat hametz while wearing a mask, so no problem.

    I am washing the white mask I wear on yuntufs that matches my yuntuf tie. I’ll probably wash the black and blue ones to match the ties I wear on Hol ha-Moed.

    One has doubts about masks as health measures but they a great fashion accessories as coordinated with one’s tie.


    I plan to take all the masks that I accumilated over the past year and burn it together with the chometz and never wear one again


    “Is it okay to use them on Pesach?”

    “How would I clean them?”
    washing machine

    “What’s everyone here planning to do?”
    Can’t speak for everyone, but washing machine is pretty easy


    I only use disposable masks, so it’s not an issue.
    Chances are I wont be leaving the compound, so probably wont have to wear a mask anyway. We have had our vaccinations already. No outsiders coming in who haven’t been here for months. Food orders already delivered with the exception of fresh milk coming right before the holiday and that will be left on the curb/contactless delivery


    Just saying, I checked in here the last couple weeks for the first time in forever, the kishrin in the jokes department is so sadly inadequate, the old CR would be turning red with shame. Also, if your knee-jerk, gut reaction was not ‘burn it’, that’s your problem, not mine.




    Are you implying that you’ve never cleaned them before?

    The disposables should be tossed and the reusables should be washed frequently regardless of anything. Toss them in the washer, they’re fabric.


    My 1.5 year old’s pants acquire more chametz over the course of a few hours than my masks do over several days.


    I understand your feeling, but would you imagine similar jokes to “you retzuyos are not kosher” – “burn it”?
    mask is a “mitzva of the year”. You don’t get repulsed by a need to not eat on Yok Kippur, or a need to buy a $100 fruit in the fall. I feel it very strange that people are repulsed by whatever Hashem wants us to do today. Just because it is different from what was required yesterday?

    Maybe this _is_ the idea of Pesach? Imagine how CR would erupt if they were told to buy a sheet, shecht it in their house and then put the BLOOD in the placa of heilike mezuzahs?! We would have to run out of town with outstreached hands and jump into the Yam Suf running away from people’s anger!

    So for new minhagim
    – use old masks to make a fire for matzah baking
    – number them and use them to count omer. You can actually use them for measuring omer by volume!
    – use old stinky masks to ensure compliance with SD!
    – use them as kippot
    – (seriously) do not WASH masks, air dry them not to destroy filtering material


    @AAQ, the torah says pri eaitz hadar and we have misorah as to the denim of arbah meanim.
    “mask is a “mitzva of the year”. thats you opinion and no one else besides some OO rabbi who make up halacha as they see fit.
    I can use my mask on peasch because I hardly ever used it


    Concerned Member, of course I wash them regularly; however, Pesach cleaning is different.
    For example, I wash my fabric tablecloths regularly in the washing machine, yet most people I know have separate tablecloths for Pesach. We wouldn’t feel comfortable setting our Pesach table with the same tablecloth we used for our pizza party, regardless of how well it was washed.


    The best way is to kosher them through ליבון באש. If not possible then put it in a pot with boiling water like you kasher your bechers. Better then all that is to buy new ones.

    Realy i think that before עבדים היינו the mask should be put on זכר לעבדות, then by והיא שעמדה take it off זכר לחירות and so on…..


    Goldilocks, I believe it is not recommended to wash medical masks, better air dry.
    If by “pretty” mask you mean a less effective non-medical masks, then this might be no difference.
    Consult your local Orthodox nurse


    common >> thats you opinion and no one else besides some OO rabbi

    why are you repeatedly accusing me of some non-kosher connections? I am following guidelines by the local beit din and majority of shul and kollel Rabbis. I said majority to be sure, but I did not see any people in authority violating public heath policies. Some were not pro-active and were laughing at them on the previous Purim, but they changed their behavior when they sobered up. The fact that some people still walk around in black hats and without masks does not change the halachic guidance.


    “why are you repeatedly accusing me of some non-kosher connections? I am following guidelines by the local beit din ” this is the first time that you said you follow daas torah, you constantly dismiss the idea that a Rav knows better, now that you took this first step to follow it when your daas torah fits your agenda let make it your business to follow it even its contrary to agenda.


    common, I concede this point! I have a couple of questions here – first, what exactly is someone listening to? In my case, there was a signed letter from the Beit Din, followed by a letter signed by a majority of local Rabbis. Both mentioned specific rules and a need to follow state instructions. My small minyan has rules, and so do larger shuls, quoting from their online rules: Such as denying access to the minyan to “those who attended an unmasked minyan in the last two weeks”. I am asking you and others – what are specific rulings, whether public or given to you, and did not see a clear answer. Maybe I missed them.

    after you learn your own “daas Torah”, next question – is there a range of behaviors and which one to choose. For example, is not wearing a mask a hiyuv or reshut? Is sending kids to school? I can see some saying that kids have to be at school, for their sake or for community sake. So, within the allowed area – are you machmir? on what?

    3rd – when I got that psak, I really did not have any problems with it. We already flew in (flimsy) masks when nobody did and explaining SD to people on Purim while delivering shalah-monos (most laughed). Still, later on, I looked to some degree at what the opposite opinions are. That was one of my motivations to read this board. I eventually shifted somewhat from focusing on extreme measures to helping people deal with whatever circumstances they are. (Lead to some miscommunication. I was so eager helping a school principal planning safe environment, that he thought I will send my kids in person, so he did not even ask. And I did not say, because I thought he already knows that we will not).


    @AAQ, 1. in my case the Rav who I asked knows me since I was born and my family even before that, he told us very explict instuctions and made it clear that is for his shul and his shul only over the past year, outdoor social distance minyan for exactly 10 people then indoors same rules, then no limit on size, then each to his/her own, anyone who didnt feel comfortable didnt have to daven in his shul.
    2. Dont know as I dont have school age children, I assume the school that my grandchild attend got guidance from the rabbical board of the schools [in my case 4 differnt schools in 3 seperate locals]
    3. I have not idea what your question to me is.

    Now let me ask you one question, if bais din or the local rabbis who have came out with a letter totally dismissing the use of masks and saying one should not use it would you have listened to “daas torah” do you only do it when it matches your agenda? I want you to be 100% honest, Yes or No?


    common, good question. First, I don’t think it is a coincidence that each of us live in places where guidance corresponds to our own thinking. It is either we chose them, or they taught us. In your case, both are equally likely. In my case, it is probably a mix – I moved to the place, and then learned from these Rabbis…So, to begin with, your question would not happen often. Several hard cases with the “non DT” Rav come up. In one case, it involved choosing between hurting two person’s feelings. Rav was very definite in his suggestion, and I eventually did the opposite. Many years later, I still do not know what was the right decision. I blame myself in the way I asked the question, possibly not describing all relevant details. In another business dispute, the Rav made a suggestion that I did not expect and that required me to lose face and some pretty serious money to pacify a not very nice person. I followed up and was showered with brochos and hatzloha after that. Maybe Daas Torah is a hard mitzva, and so is the reward?! With kid education, the Rav first made off-hands skeptical remarks about my kids substandard secular education, I did not change the school, but took a remark into account. Later on, he suggested to consider online schools when I asked how to deal with schools. I did not like the idea to begin with, but explored it and it worked well. SO, this looks like 2.5 out of 4 when getting unwelcome advice. With a “pro-DT” Rav – he pro-actively advised me on a choice of school once (commenting that in this case, he can recommend) and I followed up but might have done same thing anyway, and when I asked for further advice, he acknowledged that the problems are real, but did not have a solution besides suggesting who to call. With Covid rules, his guidance was to listen to DT from Roshei yeshivot and to a local hoshuve yeshivish doctor (who gave out CDC-type advise). He was open to further corrections as long as it did not contradict. At the end, we do together what we both consider right, and separately the rest, with some tolerance. When DT letter came implicitly calling for healthy people to get tested to decrease official positivity rate, I did not point it out to the Rav and simply helped him propagate the rest of the information to the public.

    I am happy with my score, overall, but you grade me.


    @AAQ, actualy my Rav paskened on quite a few times to do something that I felt otherwise and I defered to him.
    My qustion requires a simple Yes or No
    if bais din or the local rabbis who have came out with a letter totally dismissing the use of masks and saying one should not use it would you have listened to “daas torah” do you only do it when it matches your agenda? I want you to be 100% honest, Yes or No?


    I would have first asked for an explanation of their reasoning, and if after considerable research, I would come up with other facts, I would present those facts to the Av Beis Din and hear what he has to say.


    in other words NO


    common, you are asking in essence – would I follow someone’s opinion without applying my own intellect (and giving an example of a ruling that to my best knowledge nobody gave anywhere)? just because that person is a Rav of some city? The Rav is appointed by a kahal, not by Moshe Rabbeinu. So, you can not imagine that one can be in a city where they select a person who is not worthy listening to? or makes bad mistakes? Rambam does not think so in Halakhot Dea, ch 6, he even thinks that this happened quite often in his times.
    וְאִם הָיוּ כָּל הַמְּדִינוֹת שֶׁהוּא יוֹדְעָם וְשׁוֹמֵעַ שְׁמוּעָתָן נוֹהֲגִים בְּדֶרֶךְ לֹא טוֹבָה כְּמוֹ זְמַנֵּנוּ

    Torah also lists karbonos for leaders’ mistakes before regular people. Again, please do not misconstrue this as saying I’m only accepting opinions that correspond to mine, you are asking me to accept an opinion that is, in no particular order: not issued by others; is contradicted by a large number of Rabbis and official organizations; clashes with multiple government regulations in numerous democratic jurisdictions; clashes with scientific facts and opinions that I am qualified to verify; risks human lives; has no visible benefits.

    And, with all of that, you seem to object to an idea of simply asking for explanation of the psak? Conceivably, the Rav knows his community better than I do. Maybe the situation in the community is so dire that if one person wears a mask, it will depress everyone, they’ll take kids out of school, kids will stop keeping Shabbat and start doing drugs. And I did not think about it, and the Rav did. I see myself accepting this explanation. I’ll probably move away, without anyone’s feelings hurt. But you seem to be saying that I should accept unquestionably just because someone passed a shulchan oruch exam and got hired by a kahal.


    @AAQ, opinions are like store everyone has at least 2 and they stink for the most part, you just admitted that you use daas torah if and when it is in line with your particular agenda otherwise you disregard it, you feel that mask wearing is the mitzvah of the year, someone else calls it the avodah zorah of the year, other people feel its like red lights, midtown gridlock or constipation a necessary burden of daily living.
    Is it the mitzva of the year or the avodah zorah of the year or none of the above, for that guidance I consult with my LOR not some self proclaimed expert of social media

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