How was Daf Yomi studied originally?

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    Dear Pekak,
    1) I am not sure how available Gemara still is to ‘the masses’. Hence this thread.
    2) Ditto for The Chumash. There are many valuable translations of the Torah it self. Translations of Rashi still need to be improved.
    3) Haimy is not a ‘yeshiva bochur’, Neither am I. It is a legitimate option to study Gemara without the Rrashi.
    4) A Rosh Yeshiva who taught the Blatt almost entirely based on the classical mefarshim, would insist on rashi to the point of possibly leaving out Nedarim. (Rav Gustman, Rav Ruvein) The Roshei Yeshiva who centered on knowing many sugyos at once across Shas woul not shy away from a lack of Rashi. (Rav Moshe, Rav Aharon)
    5) You and I have the same amount of Mesorah from Rashi as any group of irreligious Jews.

Viewing 51 post (of 51 total)
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