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    Choppy: Mock me. Fine. I don’t care. You don’t need to make up something about not teaching girls Gemara. I don’t know about going to Gehinnom, but there certainly is no shortage of Poskim who say it’s Assur. All I’ve said is that many rely on the Prishah, and his Diyuk from the Lashon is fairly strong.

    Mom12: That is a good point. (Well, sort of; it’s not Tumah, it’s Nekiyus, but it does necessitate washing hands. Although I’m not sure if in Israel the legs below the knees qualify as a “generally covered part of the body”. That probably depends on precisely where and when. In some places, certainly, it wouldn’t be. But I think in most places, especially bigger cities and certainly in Chareidi neighborhoods, it qualifies as a covered place.)


    Choppy is causing too many waves around here… Take your rants elsewhere

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