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    bored_teen πŸ’•

    We have known for weeks that Russia might invade and everyone who lived there had a chance to leave. Now I’m seeing interviews on fox with the Ukraine Hatzalah and fundraisers for Jews in Ukraine- β€œHelp us flee!” Were they not able to get out until it was too late or did they not believe it would happen until it was too late?


    Yes they knew for weeks and have been stocking up. That you are right about. But no, not everyone had the ability to actually flee and leave Ukraine. Many of the Jews there don’t have visas for other countries.
    The hatzalah video you saw, his wife and children got out BH, but he is staying behind to help the Jews that are stuck there.
    Also all Chabad Shluchim there have passports to either the US or Israel and they all chose to stay behind and help those that arent able to leave.
    And if you’re able to- donate, they actually need it.

    Rafi cohen

    It depends which Nationalities they have.

    If they are Israelis and they did go out until today, they did not believe it will happen. Now they stuck at the border. Its very very hard now to leave and it was quick dumb not to go…… But on the end we are always smarter.

    If they only have Ukrainian passport they most likely had no option to leave. Many Jews in Ukraine are very poor as well as many in the country: Money, Shelter and logistics are the problems.

    For example, my mother today was on the way to her work when I called her to let her know about the Russian occupation. She thought its only in east. I told her that they attack the whole country. She did not believe it.

    This happened to many other Ukrainians. Many surprised on the way to work.

    Rafi cohen

    @funnyone Similar to Israeli passport with Ukrainian biometric passport you can enter the Schengen area for 90 days. So there is no problem to get into countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria. Now you can stay even longer.

    Rafi cohen

    Just in, Ucraine bar all men aged above 18 to leave the country.

    America is sending now 7000 troops to Germany, Germany send 14000 troops to the baltic region, Italy send to Romania, Czechia sends ambulances to Slovakia/Ucraine border to bring injured people to Czech hospitals .

    The situation over there is horrible and it is worsening for hour to hour. Please, if you can donate do it!!!!!


    funnyone: I thought Zionist Israel automatically accepts any and all Jews at any and all times.


    The Jews in Uman prepared busses and drivers just in case but as soon as the bombing started the drivers disappeared and they had to find new drivers.


    I think this is like Noah who didn’t go into the Teva till the last minute. People knew intellectually that it might happen, but couldn’t imagine it actually happening.

    Preparing buses to start escaping under bombardment is not usually a recommended prudent action. We can see a difference between lack of fear when Hashem is punishing people with an invisible virus v. immediate recognition of danger when melech basar vedam starts bombing… Why not say that bombs are not real, and buses killed more people than bombs? (True)

    bored_teen πŸ’•

    “Why not say that bombs are not real, and buses killed more people than bombs?”
    Because that wouldn’t be true. I was intrigued so i checked some databases and studies and a lot more people are killed by bombs. I agree with the rest of your point though. πŸ™‚


    Many of these people are so poor, their children are put into the local orphanage because they don’t have the money to clothe or feed them. Most are not so lucky so as to have that option.


    bored_teen, I tihnk you got more point that it is hard to deny bombs falling. This was R Yohanan’s point when he tells his students to be afraid of Hashem as of regular kings that can inflict tangible punishment.

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