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    “Nowhere did I say that first quote I don’t even know where you got that from ”

    It sure looks like you said it 9/24/17 8:19 PM

    Kick em in the knee!

    “No one says you u have to love our president. What I am saying is you have to love our COUNTRY ”

    Again yes you did say, you wonder why liberals are still here ” if they hate our
    president with a passion”
    And secondly I’m not sure why a person has to love their country to live there. Is this law written somewhere? Does it apply to all countries? Can a Neturie Kartanik live in Israel?

    “Also your part parroting everyone else of “first amendment rights””

    I dont mind parroting Jefferson. that isnt really an insult

    “doesn’t work in a restaurant btw where a same gender couple wants a cake and ”

    Why doesnt it work there? Sure some might say it doesn’t but that doesn’t mean they are right. Scalia (who I imagine you are a fan of, feel free to correct me if I am wrong) was a staunch defender of the right to burn a flag. I imagine you feel he was wrong, that it no way makes you wrong.

    “Someone else has a few screws loose”
    Oh there are lots and lots of of people. look how many millions still support The Donald

    “and I’ll give you a guess who (hint : it’s not me)”
    No hint necessary, I know it isnt you. You are just a bit misguided as to when the first amendment applies, For whatever reaosn you think it doesnt apply to football players. and for whatever reason you feel if people say things you dont like or dont like their President and/or country they should lose said rights
    (Though you did also forget what you wrote earlier, but hey it happens, I assume you had a long day)

Viewing 51 post (of 51 total)
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