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    Y.W. Editor

    The Following letter was received by YWN vie email:

    Dear YWN,

    I am writing this in response to the seminary letters that have recently been submitted. Many people have been arguing that girls should not be sent to E”Y for seminary. It is an extremely expensive year and people don’t think seminary is worth it. I would like to show people the other side of the story- how a year in seminary can change a person’s entire life for the better.

    I went to a more modern high school where the girls in my class were not very careful about tznius, halacha or improving spiritually. We were all frum girls, but we were definitely lacking in our Ruchniyus. Today, where probably at least half my grade is married, I can tell you that we are as a whole different people. Practically all the married girls cover their hair, most girls dress much more tzniusly, and the whole approach toward yiddishkeit represents one of striving for growth rather than trying to do the bare minimum. While most girls married boys who are professionals, they all value Torah and want husbands who are koveah itim.

    You may argue that seminary should only be for ‘modern’ girls who need this year but I know this isn’t so. I know plenty of girls who went to more BY style schools who benefited as much from their year in seminary. Though they may have been following ‘the letter of the law’, the year in seminary definitely enhanced their ‘spirit of the law’. Most of these girls are frum because their families are frum, but they may not be strong enough on their own to withstand the tests of life. The year in seminary strengthens what theses girls have and gives them the independence they need to separate from their parents without compromising on their frumkeit. These girls come home with much firmer hashkafic views and are much more prepared to be imos b’Yisrael.

    Yes, there are some girls that were able to accomplish all of this in high school. For these girls, seminary may not be as beneficial. But for many girls, seminary is an unparalleled experience that is worth the money. In my opinion, enriching the ruchniyus and frumkeit of the future n’shei yisrael is a priceless endeavor.

    Thanks for reading.

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