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    Syag you can have your opinion of anything you want
    Just don’t extend that “opinion” to ranking out others without just cause.
    Again this is not to you specifically it’s to all who are ranking out Joseph on this thread.
    Not sure why this is so hard to understand.
    Yes you keep explaining. But your explanation has nothing to do with the offense.
    He did not offend women on this thread and doesn’t deserve to be called names because someone chooses to be offended where no offense was committed

    I think the Women got upset because they have a chip on their shoulder towards Joseph
    If he posted tomorrow’s weather they would say he only posted it because he thinks Women are too stupid to look at their weather app.
    And the proof is that he posted it exactly at the time they are preparing…….


    ” Additionally, why does it bother women that men might be better than them if a כהן said that to a ישראל he wouldn’t care”

    Why are men better? Men are better for some things and women are better for others.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Oh, sweetheart! Thank you for the permission.
    And then you go on to rehash a closed point, put me down in not nice ways, insist you are right about points you cant support, and overall try to shut me up for having an opinion you don’t like on information you fail to absorb.

    But its okay cuz your kavanna is to tell me not to pick on people!
    Lying to prove your point (I’ve told joseph straight out that i agree with him when it applies. Look it up) doesnt bother you, and neither does being insulting. You have more than “proven” your *real* intentions are far from what you have stated.

    I keep trying to sign off kindly but you keep trying to get in a last blow. Will you feel better when im just too insulted to respond. If thats what you are waiting for then you win.


    “He did not offend women on this thread and doesn’t deserve to be called names because someone chooses to be offended where no offense was committed”

    I feel that he did intend to be inflammatory. The fact that every person has to account for their own emotions doesn’t change that he seemed to be egging people to get offended.

    His first tactic was to say that if people don’t take the chazal at face value and instead understand it a bit differently, based on different mifarshim than are his preference, then they are brainwashed by our culture and are even apikorsim.

    Later, when he realized that there are many interpretations for this chazal and some of them are not entirely dismissive of women, he posted another chazal that seems to be more obviously degrading of women and said that if women aren’t willing to accept the raw translation and instead prefer to understand the context in order to understand it deeper, then those women are kofrim.

    He then disappeared and hasn’t felt the need to justify not having been inflammatory. If I posted something and people’s feelings were hurt, I would try to explain that I hadn’t meant to be offensive.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    “Bruriah “-
    You may or may not be right about Joseph, but the way you can lie about knowing and having met “them” proves that emes not a trait you hold close to your heart. Which pretty much disqualifies you from teaching Torah.
    And your rant, by the way, is frighteningly manic so you may not want to throw too many stones.


    if that was to me i lost you there
    have a great day
    (it would help if you start your posts with a name so we know who you are addressing)
    if i insulted you im sorry
    wasnt intentional and im not sure where

    Little Froggie

    My three point five sense.

    First of all, yeah, I’m of the male species, at least for the unforeseeable future. I used to be…

    Now to business…

    To the females here..  There’s a certain aspect in the essence of Torah that only men have the true connection to. Likewise, the Torah (areas of Talmud etc.) was meant as an antidote and cure for the strong pulling of the Yetzer (euphemism for certain urges..) , a strong force only found in the male species of mankind. Hand in hand – one for the other, and one because of the other. Where one finds a fence/ resisting of immorality, there you find Holiness. It is that Holiness that toiling in Torah (areas mentioned above) study is for and about. Nothing at all denigrating at all, it’s just not meant for that halve. (No – don’t get me wrong, they are at the forefront of the guiding force…they are at the helm, from their lofty position they intuitively steer their husbands and sons towards the Beis Medrarsh. It’s just that at the door they withdraw. As in the words of Rabbi Miller, Rachel, wife of the great Rabbi Akiva, brought him towards the Bais Medrash and there he became who he was. However she did not join him there.)

    In area of Torah, where there’s a ready translation for all areas of Torah, to a degree that is a disservice to the true essence of Torah . Any Joe off the street can spew his head on anything found anywhere.. confounded by the invention of Rabbi Google. It was done for a certain purpose, a great purpose, something that allowed thousands of men to be able to study Torah otherwise foreign and difficult for them. However, our Torah greats saw a translation of the Torah and its exposure, revealing to all, as a great misfortune.

    To the males here… Now, very important. Choosing and broadcasting certain parts of Talmud, Medrash or other areas or Torah that would cause others discomfort, pain or uneasiness… No not a good idea at all. Yehuah ben Gerim tried that… Actually he did much less. He did not even intend to harm anyone, it’s just that the Torah of the Sages belong in the Bais Medrash, not outside. As Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt”l said, Torah truths do not always have to be broadcast to all. If you know a certain passage will distress a gentile and you go ahead and spew forth… no.. not a great idea.. Moreover; that’s the exact application of קרדום לחפור בו and much worse, לומד לקנטר. No benefit, reward at all from that or it’s likes… y’know what I mean…

    And to both sides of the isle: for one to denigrate the species of the other side, is to denigrate their Great Creator. You all know the Medrash of the Tanna who said something disparaging to an unsightly looking individual… “go tell my Maker he made a blooper”. Besides all the hatred, Sinas Chinam generated… Please hold back. Someone who needs to belittle the other side to prove that he/she (or she/he) is a something… needs help… And no, I don’t think anyone here is qualified… (oops, I’m jumping to a conclusion)

    edited slightly (with permission from the author)


    Interjection, I don’t have the inclination to go back through the whole thread, but if he really did that then it was deserved what he got
    Strange that it took 150 posts for someone to mention the facts instead of just trying to slap me down.


    Is a כהן on a higher madreiga than a ישראל? Yes. Inherently.

    If it is okay to say yes to the above question, why should you shy away from answering Yes to the equivalent question of whether a man is inherently on a higher madreiga than a woman?

    That’s the point Coffee Addict was making.

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