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    s/o who kosher fish oil capsules will not work for them .

    can they take non kosher fish oil capsules.

    does it come muttar if swallowed by capsule?


    Pills aren’t taken k’derech achila. What could be the issue?

    Daniel Rosen

    Swallowing a capsule is considered shelo k’derech achila and may be taken by a sick person even if he is not in danger. One who has a maychush or who is in good health should consult a Rav before taking a gelatin capsule.

    A posek once told me I could take it with a tissue. I didn’t because I thought that might not be so healthy, to swallow a tissue.


    I personally don’t see a prob, but ask your LOR.


    As a matter of principle, I consume regular vitamins. I don’t see a need for special vitamins.

    The Achiezer held that gelatin is a davar hadash, as does Hakham Ovadia Yosef. In America, the kashrus agencies follow the stringency of R’ Aaron Kotler.


    I’m not sure what kinds of fish are used in fish oil capsules, but perhaps some of the fish aren’t kosher (which is a different problem from the gelatin in the capsules).

    What does the OP mean by kosher fish oil capsules not working? Is there some actual medical need, or does the person take them because fish oil is supposed to be good for you? From what I’ve read, taking vitamins isn’t halachically the same as taking antibiotics that have been prescribed for an infection.

    Of course, no one should take the advice of anonymous posters here regarding halachic issues. Ask your LOR.



    Theres no reason why kosher fish oil wouldnt work. Please explain yourself.


    AYLOR. If there’s a kosher alternative, a posek will probably tell you to stick with it, even if it’s more expensive, but a) not necessarily and b) if there’s no alternative, there’s probably no reason not to be able to.


    Why would kosher and non-kosher fish oils be different?

    Perhaps the poster meant that they cannot find kosher fish oil. If this is the case, search Amazon, I’m pretty sure they sell Kosher ones. If fish oil doesn’t work for them for whatever reason but they need a different way of getting Omega-3’s you can use flax-seed oil which is also available on Amazon in Kosher (Vegan) capsules.


    To those saying that pills aren’t K’derech Achilah, the Poskim discuss the issue of Achsh’vei and some hold it’s a problem (I don’t remember who said what, but I think R’ Moshe was Machmir on this).

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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