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    Lomed I have no idea where you’re getting your ideas. Your logic also makes no sense. Says who is right saying that you can’t bring proof from the Torah either way. As he asks, how many names did Yisro have, and the Torah mentions them. According to the Medrash, Moshe too had several names. 2 names are 2 names unless as I said earlier they are actually connected as one.


    Theprof1: Maybe you can explain to me your logic as well? Where did you get into your mind that Binyomin Zev are two separate names? Is it because they are spelled separately on paper? -hardly a reason to be reckoned with in halacha. Or is it because the two words originate from two separate people? -this doesn’t automatically give it a status of two separate names.


    Even though we find people with two names (e.g. Doniel, Hadassah, Koheles, Poti-Fera, Kushis, Kush) these names are used in different places to represent a different aspect of the person. I don’t know of a place where two names of a person are mentioned together. It seems that in each circumstance only one name is relevant. Similarly, in shomayim, a person will have one name which may contain two words.

    Since my name starts and ends with a yud, I just repeat the pasuk “Yihyu liratzon..vigoali” at the end of davening. Does anyone have an opinion on this?


    Of course Binyamin Zev is two different names. It’s not like Aryeh Leib, which is a name and its Yiddish translation. It would be more like Yehuda Aryeh- a name of an animal, in this case, and the name of someone associated with it. But there is no reason why it should be separate names. If there is, I’d love to know.

    Anyway, don’t Yiddish names ending in the “a” sound always end with an alef?


    Opinion? Yes. I think it is very odd. Besides, most of the Pesukim given in the Siddurim are Brachos and Shevachim.

    About multiple names, while we surely use them differently than the way it was back then, the Minhag is to say two separate Psukim. This is probably because, although they do combine to make up one name, they are after all two separate parts. People often enough name only partly after someone, or add a name.

    The B’nei Yissaschar was famously named partly after his uncle, who said it will have a partial effect.


    What is a posek in the tanach that start with a alef and ends with a alef so I could use it for shemonah esereh


    I looked this up in the back of an Artscroll siddur: ?????? ???,?? ??? ? ?????? ??…


    MODs, I wonder how you let that one in. Are you sleeping behind the wheel?!?

    Time to make major investigation!! Jothar, where are you?

    Here’s someone’s screen name of Sara, yet she (he?) wants a Passuk that starts with Alef!! We’re being fooled, deceived, tricked, deluded, duped, betrayed, hoodwinked, bamboozled.

    HELP!! We’re under attack!

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    Little Froggie, sometimes people ask for other people. Another reason could be that she has 2 names. It could be anything. It really doesn’t matter why she needs to know.


    Mod, are you insinuating that he actually does have a tail?


    Little Frogie – you are right, she should have asked for a Pasuk beginning with “?” and ending with “0”

    I. M. Shluffin

    Anyone know a passuk starting with a samach and ending with an ayin? (It’s for a friend of mine.)


    Anyone know of a passuk for Sima? (Starting with samach and ending with alef).

    It’s for someone I know who has been searching for a passuk for years…

    ☕️coffee addict

    sorry to bring this off topic, but i heard that if someone has a middle name you say one passuk for both names


    BTW the pasuk you could say is not only a pasuk that begins and ends with the letters of your name, it can also be a pasuk that contains your name


    There just might not be any Passuk that starts with Samack and ends with Aleph. I checked with the Orayta app and there was no listing for ?-?.

    Little Froggie

    Do I have to say a passuk for all my screen names?


    There just might not be any Passuk that starts with Samack and ends with Aleph. I checked with the Orayta app and there was no listing for ?-?.

    Yeah, that’s very tough. Samech is one of the rarest letters in the alphabet (only two pesukim in Chumash start with it). Also, not too many verses in Hebrew would end with an aleph (although your best bet might be in Daniel where a good portion of the book is Aramaic and an aleph-ending verse is far more likely).

    The Wolf


    במדבר פרק לא
    ד: אֶלֶף לַמַּטֶּה אֶלֶף לַמַּטֶּה לְכֹל מַטּוֹת יִשְׂרָאֵל תִּשְׁלְחוּ לַצָּבָא
    4 “A thousand for each tribe, a thousand for each tribe, from all the tribes of Israel you shall send into the army.”

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