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    Lostspark I agree. הבא להרגיך השכם והרגו

    Alternatively, if those senior citizens in the kibbutzim had been holding guns, they could have shot themselves as soon as the terrorists burst into their homes. Suicide is permitted according to some past sages, in order to spare oneself from torture/captivity.

    As someone who’s in a compromised position, I can relate to those tragic seniors. If the authorities wouldn’t make it so difficult and expensive to get hold of (and get training in) a lightweight small gun which even a weak arthritic person can handle, I’d buy one tomorrow.

    As it is, many of us will have to depend on major miracles, even though one is not supposed to be dependent on miracles, especially in a time of war. Then again, during Gog and Magog, the miracles are supposed to surpass those of the Exodus.


    You and I are often in the same side, but
    When I lived in New Haven (who last elected a Republican in 1953 and the D got rejected with 77% of vote last night) the city had a regulation that made gun permits the sole preview of the police chief.
    He approved once 3 or 4 a year for a decade.
    It took a challenge and court order to make the police approve legitimate permits where the applicant had made proper application and met state requirements and training.
    Yes, even in a D city ownership could be prevented by regulations.

    And I am against gun ownership, but fair is fair in posting accurately

    anonymous Jew

    Jack, NYC regulations had made it almost impossible to own a gun or get a carry permit . Criminals, of course, were not affected by the regulations

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)
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