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    My cholent goes like this:

    First I put half a cut up onion on the bottom of the crock pot.

    Then I add beans and barley.

    Then I add potatoes (cut up into 1 inch cubes)

    The I add spices, (pepper, paprika, onion powder, garlic)

    Then I add a nice thick fatty piece of chuck roast.

    Then I add the other half of the cut up onion.

    Then I add spices again, (pepper, paprika, onion powder, garlic)

    Then I add a squirt of ketchup

    Then I add kishke

    Lastly I add water, (just enough that covers the ingredients in the pot)

    Depending on the crock pot, some have; keep warm, medium, and hot. I put it on the medium setting.

    I make the cholent no later then 12pm on friday.

    It comes out delicious! YUMMMMMMM


    My mouth is watering already.


    alright … here’s how we did it in camp

    For a 6 quart crock pot

    In this order:

    3 potatoes

    1 1/2 onions

    6 or 7 cloves of garlic

    Beans, Barley (about a ratio of 2:3)

    Meat (whatever you want … flanken tends to work the best)


    Add spices (salt, pepper, paprika, chili)

    Add ketchup/bbq sauce (Jack Daniels works well)

    (Depending where you are, 1/2 bottle of beer)

    After that, add water just to cover the top of the ingredients

    leave on high for 3-4 hours (or for the entire time if you’re having it Friday night), and then turn to low


    Ok here is my recipe, I do have the exact measurements (someplace, we are still unpacking I will try to post them at a later date)

    I use a crock pot: I precook my “cholent mix” (1) l lb of the dry mix. Then I put that in the fridge over night to keep fresh. Early am (depnding on the time of the year, I do the following). I cut up one whole vadalia onion (you can use any but vadalia is sweeter) and potatoes about 4-6, it depends on the size. I usually cut them in bit size pieces. Again, I have used the baby potatoes, wash them, really scrub them with a vegetable brush and put them in (no precooking for the potatoes). I but the uncooked potatoes and onion on the bottom first, next the meat. Again it depends on the amount of guests coming etc. My husband loves alot of meat. So, I put 2 packages of “shabbos meat” in approximately 1-2 pounds. It depends on how many are coming for lunch and if we are going to have some on Friday evening, or have bochurs stop buy (especially in the winter). Then the spices: (again, I can post the actual measurements when I locate this recipe) salt, papricka both sweet and regular, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper (either black or white) tumeric (little), cummin, cayenne pepper, chilli powder at times cajun spice (little, and sometimes I forget and it doesn’t change the taste, not that I notice, & red pepper flakes. I mix these together in a bowl and sprinkle over the meat. I add the beans and rinsed dried barley about 1/3 cup (some times give or take, more or less. I put in 2-4 marrow bones (again depends on the size of your pot. Next I pour in ketucp (about 1/4 cup again give or take), mustard a few squirts (about1/4 cup, maybe, if that), honey (will offset the spicey spices, about 1/4 cup or so. I next place a full kishka on top, opened, not spliced, etc. Then I put in 1 bottle of beer (the alcohol cooks out) the richer the beer the better (heavy dark, but not a bitter one). I have also used 2 bears and have varied from coor lite to stouts, etc. Again, I have also just used plain old water. The recipe I had initially siad to cover the who amount of ingredients, but I have found that this could lead to, too wately of a cholent. Next I put in 2 whole elephant garlic cloves (this is a larger type of garlic, normally come in a net wrapping. I leave them whole, they are just peeled. You can also use regular sized garlic too about 4- 6 cubes. AGAIN LEAVE THEM WHOLE, MINCING, CHOPPING AND PRESSING COULD LEAVE A BITTER GARLIC TASTE. I put my cholent up on Friday moring (from mid-September to the begining of June) at 7:30 a.m., set it on “high cook, I believe 4 hours), without the tin foil on the base or the balls of tin foil. Come home from school, mix it (somewhat)and set it for another “high cook, 4 hours). Again, the times may vary depending on how late or early Shabbos starts. I adjust the liquid right before Shabbos (about 1 – 1/2 hours before.) Aain not too much, you don’t want it too loose or to dried out by lunch time. Mix it, the kishka normally breaks apart and thickens or is starting too. I now take out the pot, and put in round tin foil balls, and balance the crock pot so that it looks even, not slanting. Then I lower the temp. on the crock pot to the longest time (I think 10 hours).

    Sounds so long and a little too much ingredients but you will get it down to a science. And I get it up in the am in less that 1/2 hour, 15 minutes if I had already peeled my onion and potatoes (and soak them overnight in the fridge making sure they are completely covered with cold water, or the potatoes have a tendency to turn color.

    Here are the basic ingredients, then you can go back to review this post for the order and proximatey of the amount of spices.




    salt, sweet paprika, reg. paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, black or white pepper, cumin, tumeric, chilli powder, cayenne pepper, cajun seasoning & red peper flakes (only about 1/8 or less)

    chulent mix beans


    marrow bones


    beer or beer(s)

    whole peeled garlic (keeping it whole makes it sweet, turns the garlic “green”, but once mixed you don’t see the green garlic.


    mustard (I prefer the “deli” mustard, I gues that is what it is called, NOT THE YELLOW ONE. Noting happens if you use the yellow one, I prefer the “golden” one.


    Thats it, again sounds like a lot of stuff, but it really does get very easy to put up. Once you get the spices, in your house the rest falls into place.


    I use one cup of tomato sauce instead of the ketchup.


    Why A cholent?

    I make a delicious, creamy, appetizing, barley soup(gershten soup)

    a bit of oil,

    a whole onion,

    2 garlic cloves,



    paprika(for colour)

    2 turkey bones, or chicken quarter

    In are REGULAR pot;

    Saute all of that for a few minutes, then add a cup barley and a few cups water to cover the mixture, Let it cook for about 2 hours, taste to test, then put on blech before shabbos,



    I make a low fat cholent

    3/4 cup: brown rice

    1/2 cup: green lentils

    a few potatoes

    1/2 pound pepper steak


    black pepper

    onion powder

    garlic powder

    fill the pot with water and let it cook


    I once put bison flanken in the choulent (it went uneaten, in the trash, do not try!)



    PETA cholent (I’m abroad so pardon my metric measurements):

    1 kilogram anti-Semitism, finely chopped

    2 kilograms misanthropy, disguised as concern for animals

    5 kilograms lies

    100 grams dried out half truths

    Publish the half truths in the New York Slimes or similar left-leaning rag. Spread the lies by disguising yourself behind a misguided Jewish couple and photographing shechita and kapporos using trick photography. Add misanthropy and anti-Semitism, lean far to the left, and half bake for years until people are gullible enough to believe you.


    I don’t cook with exact numbers, but here’s what I put in:

    potatoes (1 per person who will be at our shabbos table)

    onion, cut into rings

    lots of pieces of chuck beef

    a few eggs (as the cholent cooks they get hard boiled)

    pearl barley

    bbq sauce

    paprika, garlic powder, onion soup mix, pepper, and a tiny pinch of salt (in general, I don’t use so much salt when cooking anything fleishig since kosher meat already contains loads of salt, and besides, there is always salt on the table, so one who prefers more salt can add it to their own serving)

    I keep the crock pot on high until just before Shabbos, then I switch it to low (make sure you do not forget to do this! Set an alarm as a reminder!)


    Oh my goodness! Here it is Sunday night, and my mouth is watering for cholent.

    Anybody have an outstanding salt and pepper lukshin kugel or potato kugel that draws raves???? (or anything interesting in the kugel department?)


    Itzik_s: dont forget the thousands of euthanized dogs and cats.


    About 10 years ago my Rosh Yeshiva was presented with a shaila, a women put pancake syrup in the chulent that was “dairy.” The psak was that since the amount of “dairy” was so small ( < 1/60) the keilim were ok. MY QUESTION: Let people put what they want in the chulent, as long as it makes sense (ketchup, BBQ sauce) but why pancake syrup? I always thought that chulent was supposed to be on the spicy side.

    Itzik_S: Are you a Mark Levin fan? “Well, thank me for your call!”


    Potato Kugel

    3 eggs

    1/3 cup of oil

    2 t. salt

    1 T. sugar

    Beat this up in a large bowl then add:

    6 potatoes, shredded

    1 onion, shredded

    bake in hot oven 450 for one hour. freezes pretty good.


    Mayan_Dvash – Some women put honey in their cholent, and it comes out delightfully delicious. so it could the same reason why this woman put syrup in it. For some reason the honey gives it this extra zing. My sister (who has been making cholent for over 20 years) sometimes puts honey in it.

    As for the potato kugel, if you saute the onions first before adding it to the potato mixture, the kugel comes out so yummy! I hate onions, but for some reason when I make it like this, the onions actually taste good!


    (The below is not necessarily a recipe I use, just stereotyping)

    Woman’s cholent:

    1 sm sauteed onion in 1 T. oil until light brown

    1/2 lb. meat

    1 cup cholent beans

    1/2 cup barley

    3 potatoes

    1 clove garlic

    1 T. paprika

    1 tsp salt

    1/4 tsp black pepper

    enough water to cover ingredients

    Allow to simmer for __ hrs

    Bochur’s cholent:

    2 onions sauteed until very dark brown (keep on low flame while at night seder)

    When you come “home” from night seder add the following ingredients:

    1/2 cup cholent beans (not more because EVERY jewish man has stomach issues)

    1 cup barley

    3 potatoes

    some paprika

    a lot of hot paprika

    sprinkle salt all over until there is a layer of “snow”

    bbq sauce, and/or ketchup squished in a generous squiggle

    any kind of hot spices you can find

    Add water and let cook over night and until after morning seder on friday (does that exist?)

    Ah! It’s taka, mamish a mechaya!


    Thanks so much Shindy, I ‘ll let you knwo how it comes out, when I make it, B”EH.

    Also, re: pancake syrup in the cholent – several people I know like to put sweet potatoes into the chulent or a little honey (especially around Rosh Hashana time).It is an unusual taste for most of us, but it does not make the choletn taste bad, and in fact can be quite good.



    Mariner – problem is that if dogs and cats are added then the cholent becomes fleishig. PETA = vegan cholent only because animal protein benefits cerebral development and they don’t want you to think too hard.

    Mayan_Dvash – I spent most of my adult life outside the US and do not know who Mark Levin is :).


    I’m coming out of semi-retirement to add my 2 cents for this post, it seems harmless enough.

    Also, for those of you who are makpid on Yoshon. It’s time to start putting away barley for the season.


    Anyone have a Yapsik ( Polishe chulent) recipe??please post it thanx!


    My family does not like ketchup or honey in the choulent either, but they like tomato sauce.

    WHAT, OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. THEY DO NOT KNOW WHO MARK LEVIN IS (the great one??) Don’t they know who G-d is? LOL


    ideas for serving hot kugel on shaboss day, without putting it in cholent? I heard something about adding water to a cooked kugel, wrapping in foil and putting in low oven. does this work? how much water? what temp? any other ideas? thanks!


    guys guys guys!!!OVERNIGHT KUGEL!!

    After you finish baking your kugel in you usual method, leave it in the baking pan and you wrap the potato kugel very well in silver paper. Place a different pan of water underneath it and keep it in the hot oven from Thursday night through Shabbos afternoon (and yes, you can cheat some on Friday afternoon and evening).

    You shall bless me for this. I promise.


    thank you thank you leider leider! one question – the pan of water goes UNDER the pan, on a lower rack, or the kugel sits in it? what temp? good shabbos!


    Dear smh1. It goes underneath it in a lower rack. Temperature should be just hot enough to keep it nice and toasty. You’ll have to experiment with your oven.

    I would be curious to hear the results. Try it this Shabbos!


    I haver another suggestion for Kugel. My sister makes it this way and it’s absolutely delicious!

    Very simple. Make your Kugel mixture in the usual fashion. Pour the whole mixture (as it is – raw) into a 1 or 2 gallon plastic bag. Tie it on top and place the whole bag as is into your Cholent. Make sure to poke some holes with a fork on the TOP PORTION of the bag to let heat escape, otherwise the bag might blow up.

    The kugel will not come out nice and flat. But it will be oh-so delicious!

    p.s. I’ve never tried in a regular pot. We use a crock-pot.


    I can’t believe this. Not one recipe contained the most important ingredient – BEER! I’ve gone from my bochurishe yorren where I added no water (which admittedly is more for show than taste) to my current recipe, where I add 3 half bottles to a normal sized cholent. The beer acts as a tenderizer to the meat, and adds a mild flavor to the beans. The alcohol all boils out (and even if it didn’t, it would be less than 0.001% of the cholent).

    The recipe goes like this:

    Add beans, barley onions garlic potatoes meat rice spices whatever.


    add 1/2 a bottle of beer. Drink the other half (why should it be wasted?)

    turn on the flame. Add another 1/2 bottle of beer. Drink the other half (why should it be wasted?)

    Make sure that the top of the concoction is covered in liquid. Then, add 1/2 a bottle of beer. Drink the other half (why should it be wasted?).

    Close the lid and enjoy in 24 hours.


    Squeak. You’re funny.

    I may just try it though.


    chunks salami

    chunks hot dogs



    lima beans

    onion soup mix

    squeak, im glad your recipe didnt call for whiskey (drink the rest, why should it be wasted)

    or is it: why should you not be wasted?




    Squeak! Malky Lamm mentioned beer in her choulent recipee. I will keep this in mind for when I get beer for shaloch manos (I usually give this to my cleaning lady for her husband..)


    Non-traditional cholent

    AKA the easiest cholent ever

    2 lb Chicken schnitzel (unbreaded)

    2 c Persian rice

    1 Jar Spaghetti Sauce


    Saute the chicken schnitzel until golden on the outside (not necessarily cooked through). Spray cholent pot with Pam. put layers of rice & schnitzel into cholent pot. Pour sauce over layers and add enough water to cover (usually half a jar) put on Blek. (this recipe doesn’t work so well in a crock pot)


    1/2 bag of beans

    1/2 bag of barley

    chuck roast cut up

    2 potatoes cubed

    sometimes sauteed onions


    capful of jack daniels

    touch of BBQ sauce

    touch of s’chug

    put it up Thursday night on “low”


    Lawman. Does your recipe come out “hot” or just a very slight zing? Your recipe sounds intriguing.


    Is Cholent the only cross-denominational Jewish delicacy?

    Anyone know the history of cholent and how it came about in Yiddishkeit?


    speaking of choulent…I was very inspired by this thread to do something new, so I put some barbeque sauce in it this week,and my family LOVED it. They asked, did you put barbeque sauce in the choulent? I asked them why they ask (uhoh!!), and they said that it’s the best EVER. So I admitted I put in barbeque sauce.


    Cholent came about for a number of reasons, but I suspect the first one might be to show people such as the Karaites who only beleived in the written literal translation fo the Torah without the Toah She b’al peh, that “lo siva’aru aish b’chol moshvoseichem” on Shabbos, did not mean that one had to sit in the dark for Shabbos and eat cold food. By making a food that conformed to the halacha and was already pre-cooked and then left on a warm blech until the next day’s lunch meal on Shabbos, the Jews who were Shomrei Torah u’mitzvos were validating the Talmud. The TYPE of food used in cholent probably was a mixture of the foods which were most affordable to most Jews, a tiny amount of flanken mixed in with an abundance of beans and potatoes, cheap, healthy protein and carbohydrates. There are many variations on a basic choletn, but almost all types call for those basic ingredients.


    For those people whose system is sensitive try not to use the chulent mix, but buy sepperately the small baby lima beans, the smaller white beans,barley, cranberry beans, avoid kidney beans those are very heavy to digest, also after I check for bugs etc. I let this boil in water and discard the water do this twice, then cook it your regular way. You will feel alot better after Shabbos. Zim Gezint


    Sorry, I typed this last post without proofreading it. Too many typos, and I am so-o-o-o-o ashamed….


    i thought people on the rosh chodesh shevat thread would appreciate this one…so im posting on it so it will get on the main page


    coke: you know, you don’t have to post on it, you could jst put the link for it on your ost in the rosh chodesh thread.$


    I WANT CHOLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!


    ya i know


    yummmm it’s almost thursday=chulent time!!!!!!!!!!!


    i cant wait.$


    qwertyuiop: i’ll make the chulent for tomorrow nights party!!! qwertyuiop ya gatta try my chulent it’s mamish out of this world!!!!


    is deli52 back open? i love their overnite kugel and cholent


    ames: i’ll be the taste taster.$ (RY and asdfghjkl i’ll be excepting bribes now)


    ames: oh right!!! make sure to remind the rosh yeshiva about it!!!! i excited!!!

    flatbush27: nope still closed!!! the place was like one big burnt chulent pot, when it burnt down!!!

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