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    There are many Putin apologists here, but I haven’t heard a word of empathy or sympathy for the Jewish communities in the Ukraine that are suffering terribly now.
    It’s all about how righteous Russia is and evil the rest of the world is.


    Jackk: Wait an hour or two. Perhaps those same “Putin Appologists” haven’t heard that Trump (on a Fox News interview this AM) just referenced Putin’s invasion as a “Holocaust”. That could change by tonight so don’t expect any consistency until he figures out which position is more popular across “the MAGA base”. After 50-60 years of cold war Evil Empire anti-Russian Republican rhetoric it is taking a while for the older MAGAim to pivot to the new Tucker Carlson world view of Putin as “the victim” of Western globalist/liberal elites.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    “It’s all about how righteous Russia is and evil the rest of the world is.”

    said absolutely no one.
    you must check under a lot of rocks in order to find things you can pretend are commonly out there.


    “Russia has been saying since 1994 that they would push back against NATO encroachment as to them it is a threat they will not put up with and will push back on.
    What do you think push back on means?”

    So what? Let me ask you straight out: Does the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO justify a full scale invasion? I agree that the West is partly responsible for the mess we are in now but that doesn’t mean Russia is innocent.

    and jackk
    I can’t speak for him but it doesn’t seem to me that BY1212 is a “Putin apologist”. Rather, he is asking critically whether the Western narrative on this issue is the correct one. It’s something we should all do instead of gobbling up whatever the mainstream Western media tells us.



    “said absolutely no one.”

    If only that were true.

    If you look under this rock you’ll find this gem
    “It turns out that those claiming to be moral are the most immoral of them all.”

    other gems in this thread include
    “Only extreme chauvinists can argue otherwise. Seems the west is full of said chauvinists.”

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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