So many feelings toys r us is going out of business!!!!😢

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    I remember trading partner Pokeman cards there in the 90’s!!!! Anyone have any memories?


    Blowing a lot of my bar mitzvah money there, oh yeah…


    who cares, in this day and age you cant hold on to anything. Everything is dispensible, replaceable, and changing. These old time stores are a thing of the past, besides they always sold so many things that were returned by previous customers, put some clear packing tape on it and back onto the shelves.
    Besides kids are into different things nowadays, just like we couldnt understand how the previous generations were all excited about rag dolls and wooden horses, same applies to this generation.


    I asked some kids. They aren’t into other stuff instead, they just don’t make these decisions.


    I don’t want to grow up because maybe if I did, I wouldn’t be a Toys R Us kid…
    I remember getting my first bike as an afeikomon present. It was pink and white with tassels on the handlebars.
    Toys R Us was a chol hamoed traditional outing for us…My favorite sections were the books and the stuffed animal aisle. (yes, it was a long time ago) Now when I buy my kids toys, it’s Amazon. But the last time we were in the US, we took our then 3 yr old to Toys R Us just for the experience. He tried out all the cars and played with the toys on display. Can’t do that on Amazon.


    Hashem runs the world, all the businesses in the world including Apple & Facebook etc… & everyone’s parnassah. One day your a rich Company owner & the next day your claiming bankruptcy. Save yourself now & never depend or believe in the money you are holding & instead believe in Hashem sending you Parnassah.
    (livlihood) your income is already decided on Rosh Hashana, the only difference is a special gift only given to the human being & that is the gift of free will. will you be making $80,000 honestly or instead $100,000 dishonestly & get $20,000 of damage to your house or car Chas v’shalom, that is YOUR CHOICE of free will to decide.

    If you ever need any help stop depending on Rebbe’s or other humans & go straight to Hashem for help calling out to Hashem from your sincere & pure heart. Hashem is waiting for klal yisroel to all call out sincerely for Mashiach to come & not just to read it from a siddur as we say at the end of bentching (from tehillim 34:11) v’dorshei Hashem lo….. for one who seeks out Hashem-& calls out to him-lacks nothing that is good

    may we all stop depending on humans ASAP & go straight to Hashem for help


    Jakob, if you never depend on other humans, there is something wrong. Humans are supposed to be part of a community and participate in the economy.


    It’s a little sad because it was such a fun place, but lemaisa not surprising. They were always crazy expensive, and they didn’t change anything along with society, so the fact that everything is cheaper online combined with a new generation of kids that plays more with electronics than toys bankrupted them. Also, they were big donors to planned parenthood, and killing millions of your customers a year is never good for business.


    Then I hope Toys4U takes their place.

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