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    The frum media needs to heavily censor the news & feedback of it’s readership.
    But pushing it under the rug means the problem will remain & people become very frustrated.
    Take local politics. Many people in Lakewood are unhappy with performance of the local committee men but are unable to express themselves in the mainstream. A whole cottage industry of frum blogs has evolved to sidestep the mainstream frum sites.
    I don’t even know if this topic is acceptable for the yen staff.
    My point is that serious concerns are being repressed perhaps for good reasons but maybe too much.



    There isn’t anything particularly controversial about expressing dissatisfaction with politicians, local or national. In fact, it seems to be the national sport. What other subjects did you have in mind?

    N.B. The issur of ashon harah does not apply to issues that are public knowledge such as a politician’s stated positions on legislative or social matters. For instance, it is not LH to say that Senator X supports unpopular position “A” ( Boy!. These circumlocutions are awkward).



    well, child molestation was swept under the rug for decades. Serious action was taken until it was addressed publicly. And I’m not just talking about sexual molestation . The same rebbe who was punching,slapping and kicking 7 yr olds 25 years ago in my great nephew’s class, was doing it to 7 yr olds 40 years ago in my son in laws class ( same yeshiva and rosh yeshiva). It stopped only when my niece threatened to swear out a criminal complaint against the renbe for child abuse and assault and to file a civil lawsuit against both the yeshiva and the rosh yeshiva.



    There is no reason that public policy issuescannot be debated in a frum media outlet (print or online) without crossing some imaginary halachic line. There are certain terms and ways of saying things that might be better left for the secular media and perhaps direct personal attacks on chashuve rabbonim and askain may need to be toned down (as the Mods here remind us frequently) but otherwise, political pand pulbic policy issues, accusations of of wrongdoing etc. that affect the frum tizbur need MORE coverage rather than less.


    But bad English isn’t one of them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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