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    Recently I flew from New York to Phoenix. It was a pretty bumpy flight. I was wondering what people’s coping methods are for turbulence. I just freaked out. Also now I am sick of all my iPod songs. Everyone should have safe and smooth flights. Amen!!



    Keep your seat belt, and think:- Boruch haShem I am not on a boat out at sea being sea sick.



    Pull out the tray put your head down and sleep



    Take a glass of wine



    One way of coping is to know that it is not what you feel when things actually go wrong.



    Smile and pretend you are on a roller coaster. I LOVE such flights!


    Thanks guys for all of your ideas. I am going back to Boston for Pesach and it looks like I will be taking a bus. Yes, I am taking a bus from Arizona to Boston. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but hey, if I can take a bus from Arizona to Boston (an almost three day journey) I can take a bus anywhere in North America. so yeah



    You have not felt turbulence until you’ve flown the area of the globe between Alaska and Japan. What you must understand is that what you are feeling is not indicative of what is happening outside to the plane. Turbulence is different than an air pocket where the plane can fall hundreds or thousands of feet in a matter of seconds. That is scarier than the worst turbulence! My Father in Law, a nuclear scientist who worked for the Navy tried explaining to my Wife the difference. What he finally said was as follows. According to the natural laws of physics it is a bigger miracle for the plane to fall out of the sky than for it to stay up. Also keep in mind that when your time is up it won’t matter where you are bus or plane. Travel safe.



    I love turbulence. I have flown so often in a Cessna172 (where even the smallest winds cause it to shake), that many times I wont even realize that turbulence is happening. Since I know that it is almost impossible for a plane to crash from turbulence, I just ride with it.
    Its like driving a car. Most people wont realize all the little bumps in the road because there are so many of them.



    How appropriate that someone bumped the turbulance [sic] thread.



    The effect is much different when you’re at the controls and looking out the front windows, than when you’re a passenger in a back seat.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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