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    I know that this whole coffee room is for discussing various topics that people post.

    My question is why you all have to bash eachother? why the harsh words? If you don’t agree with something someone wrote, (mind you it’s only their opinion) why do you have to call them reshaim or apikorsim? Lashon hora is also in writing.

    You think we can keep a little peace?



    I see your quite new to YW. I remember joing this site about over a year ago and it was simply unbearable. The insults and attacks were totally out of control.

    What you read now is ‘gold’ compared to then. Lets just give everyone a ‘yoshar Koach’ for

    improvement and lets hope it will continue to remain civil.


    It is important to note that the internet gives a person the ability to be absolutely anonymous. Anyone, can write anything whether they mean it seriously, whether they are looking to rile people up or because they simply want to write the 1st thing that pops into their head. I have found that the best way to deal with ANYTHING I read on the web that comes from an anonymous source is to take it with a VERY LARGE grain of salt.


    than again instead of saying “this is better than is was deal with it” maybe you shouls acknowledge that there is always room to grow?

    People tend to think because you are saying something online and no one knows who you are you can say whatever you feel.. Its not true… people are still hurt and feelings do matter… are we dumb enough to believe that ONLY frum jews are reading these forums? what a Chillul Hashem some of these postings have been.

    So yes It have been worse… but YES it can get better

    The Big One

    I completely agree with the sentiments expressed herein.


    It’s the nature of humans to bash each other. At least here we don’t use weapons.


    It’s no fun if people don’t disagree.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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