WATCH: Security At JFK Not Allowing Esrogim Through Without “Certificate”


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The attached video was submitted to YWN WhatsApp by the person who took it.

Watch the TSA employee at JFK Airport explain the Jews going through security that their Esrogim must have a “certificate” on it in order to be allowed through.

“Can I borrow your box for a minute?” the female TSA employee asks someone with an Esrog box.

“You see the paperwork right here? That is the certificate. If you no have it, no good.”


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  1. What is someone who buys an American, homegrown Esrog to do? How about someone who bought from an Esrog סוחר, who imported a whole case and is selling single Esrogim to do? Further, what is someone who goes abroad on Chol Hamoed to do?

    I would like to postulate that there is a semblance of anti Semitism here! They know full well that there is nothing wrong with the Esrogim. Maybe they’re really doing it because their worried about fruit fly contamination! Right!

  2. If this person is coming INTO the USA, the rules of the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, are as follows:

    Travelers entering the United States must declare all agricultural products on their U.S. Customs forms.
    U.S. agricultural inspectors will examine your items to be sure that they meet entry requirements and do not harbor harmful foreign pests or diseases. U.S. inspectors have the authority to make a final determination about whether your products can enter the country. We recommend that you keep receipts and original packaging of agricultural products as proof of their country of origin.

    Almost all fresh fruits and vegetables (whole or cut) are prohibited from entering the United States because of the potential pest and disease risks to American agriculture. This includes fresh fruits or vegetables given to you on your airplane or cruise ship. Please plan to leave them behind.

  3. Well why should they allow it?
    I understand there’s a law about fruits so why should we be different be smart and get the one’s with a certificate.
    #NO one is #ABOVETHELAW

  4. I went to USA for Succos two years ago. Got my certificate in two minutes from here in Manchester and had noproblems.
    Why cant people keep the rules its so easy.

  5. Really, really stupid practice with no logic or purpose. With all the stuff being dragged on planes these days, does demanding a plumba for an esrog make flying one iota safer??? The next thing you know the TSA screeners will demand a Badatz hashgacha certificate before you can bring a chicken on board in your carry-on luggage.

  6. Since when is security prying into affairs of “Department of Agriculture” which is pervue of Customs to enforce upon entry into the USA, but has nothing to do with security? An Esrog is not even a liquid, but is a solid.

  7. Those agents in the picture are not TSA but CBP (Customs and Border protection). Part of their job is to enforce US Dept of Agriculture law. there must be more to this story. And please do not cry antisemitism.