NUMBER OF CASES GROWS IN NY OVERNIGHT: Confirmed Coronavirus In Maimonides Hospital In Boro Park


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New York City COVID-19 cases jumped by 10 to 46 overnight. Across New York state, the number reached 186 with the biggest cluster in New Rochelle. There were also confirmed cases reported at Maimonides Hospital in Boro Park. It was unknown what community the patients were from, or where they had been.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced 10 other new positive test results across New York state and Suffolk County officials say they have 6 cases.

Big events are also being canceled or postponed because of the outbreak.

Due to the spread of the virus across the city, the New York International Auto Show has been delayed and the NYC Half Marathon has been canceled.

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The marathon, which was scheduled for Sunday, March 15, was canceled on Tuesday and the auto show, which was originally scheduled for April, has been rescheduled to Aug. 28 to Sept. 6.

The state’s confirmed coronavirus cases are up to 176 after three new cases were confirmed on Long Island Tuesday night.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday he will ask business owners to stagger their employees’ work shifts or let them work from home to reduce potential coronavirus exposures.

“I’m going to ask them voluntarily to do telecommuting, two shifts, a morning shift and a late shift, and let people work from home voluntarily,” Cuomo said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The announcement came the day after Cuomo declared a one-mile-radius “containment area” in a suburban community with more than 100 cases of the virus, COVID-19.




  2. Yea and people shouldn’t have made a joke about it all Purim either…..just saying people should have toned things down yesterday with gatherings and parties. Who knows if that is not what spread it.

  3. Wash hour hands and chill??????? Time to wake up and smell the coffee! We must all be mechazek our Tefillos to Hakadosh Burach Hu, like never before. It’s rachmana litzlan, a middos hadin going on now. Health wise and parnassa wise (which is also health wise for so many people). Zillions of dollars are being lost in the economy from every side, ALL OVER THE WORLD. This is not hype, this is fact. The canceling of so many multi million dollar events is causing a loss to a huge amount of people. Yidden were supposed to supply such events, just as an example. There is a tremendous domino effect of economic problems here. Losing tons of money in the stock market is not a joke. Maay Yidden have money invested in the market. ETC. ETC. ETC. Health wise – we need do daven BEFORE CHAS V’SHALOM something happens. We need to daven before the Maka comes on the actual individual. Tefilla kodem hatazara. YES Tehillim 91 and many other kapital Tehillim are surely appropriate now. We MUST IMPROVE OUR TEFILLOS. Mnay of us daven like Zombies. We don’t have the patience to daven with kavana. So Hashem is slowing us down and “forcing” us to take time to daven. Yes, CHILLL and don’t rush through davening. Daven slower with more kavana. V’Hu Rachum Yechaper Uvon….

  4. Daven with more kavanah, yes, but wash your hands, cough into your/sneeze into your elbow crook, and practice social distancing too. That’s part of the hishtadlus.