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WATCH THIS: Utter Insanity As Media Floods Boro Park And Williamsburg Like Hungry Wolves

Quick a Jew! Get the cameras fast everyone!

The sheer number of reporters flooding the Jewish community the past few days is simply  sickening and dangerous, as they stand around hoping to catch a Jew without a mask. It has reached a level of disgust.

How long before the over aggressive news media intentionally baits a Jewish citizen into a physical altercation?

Not to worry, you won’t ever see the scene like in the video below, in a black community in NYC.

In Boro Park a while ago, Channel 7 N.J. Burkett was chased out of Boro Park. One resident asked why they never go cover the Bronx where there are many without masks. Not to worry, he was seen in Williamsburg a few minutes later – looking for more Jews to film.

In this next video we see a reporter who brought along his helmet – just in case those violent Jews get out of control – like when the Jews will burn police cars, cause over ONE BILLION in losses when looting Manhattan businesses, and throw bottles, rocks and sharp objects at our hero police officers….

Where was this crowd of reporters when a massive mask-less crowd gathered in Manhattan on Saturday to celebrate the memory of Breonna Taylor?

If you have any questions, simply watch the video below that was on YWN Instagram for the past few days.

This behavior is despicable, and these reporters should be ashamed of themselves. The community finally had enough, and began horn-bombing the reporters as they attempted to record their newscasts.

They even sent a news-chopper (CBS2) to fly overhead to hopefully get some footage of those Jews.

By the way, do reporters not have to social distance?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

65 Responses

  1. This article, the way you wrote it, is disgusting and obnoxious. They are journalists. They are doing their job. Don’t assume it’s because of the masks…. But as it stands, the way you wrote this article makes it vitriolic, hateful and vindictive..

  2. 1. We need to wear masks outside. No, the outside value of masks is nothing better than useless. We should don the masks, and recite a kapital tehilim in the merit of the elimination of Cuomo, De Blasio, and their ilk from positions of authority.

    2. Anything we wish to never be seen by the media is something we should not do. They will be everywhere, and they will photograph anything. They will record us going to shul, going shopping, wearing masks, not wearing masks, opening our stores, complying with rules, and not complying with rules. The leftists and liberals will market the images that push their cursed agenda, and they will withhold all others. We need to be aware that this might teach us a lesson, taught in Pirkei Avos, that we need to be constantly aware that Hashem is “above” us, a watchful eye, and a listening ear. Something worth keeping secret probably needs not to be done. We are living in the days where there is 24/7 scrutiny of our computer activity, where we can be spied upon even without our knowledge. Computer and mobile phone filters are a safeguard. If we recognized that our digital activity is being recorded, we might behave differently.

    The media is watching. So is Hashem.

  3. Maybe it’s time to realise ‘Esav Soney LeYaakov’ and come live in Eretz Yisroel…’ll want to be there when Moshiach comes……..hopefully soon…….

  4. Poor journalists looking for a scoop… Business must be bad…
    I guess journalism is one of the many businesses now hanging by a thread.
    They lost all credibility.

  5. To EZZY reporters have a job to do. They are supposed to report news not make the news especially if its FAKE NEWS. Your comments were disgusting.

  6. Just look and listen to the respect these liberal low lives demonstrate to the little old lady on the street. She’s probably a Holocaust survivor but these liberal bums answer her with dripping sarcasm and derision.
    “Sure!! Where in Connecticut?!
    They don’t do this by the “minority” communities because they’re afraid! Is there no Nachshons in all of Williamsburg and BP??

  7. @Ezzy they are doing their job, but it’s the job thats being complained about.
    @ rc- There isn’t anything to report, they are creating the crime. WHERE DOES IT SAY YOU NEED TO WEAR A MASK ON AN OPEN STREET??? There is no such law! It became practically mindless, with many people wearing their mask alone in their tightly sealed car as if they are helping someone. People should be mindful as far as keeping the virus from spreading and protecting those who are high risk.

  8. Ezzy, you’re comment is beyond disgusting and it shows your utter stupidity and naiveness. The “journalists” are the ones who create the narrative and a dangerous one at that. They are more dangerous than Coumo.

  9. @ezzy its not the journalist’s job to only point out the jews who aren’t wearing masks. Many people arent wearing them, goyim included.

  10. The point of this article is that Orthodox Jews are getting the short end of the stick of compliance standards with the rules. This unequal targeting of the Jewish communities in these areas clearly amounts to antisemitism. It seems very plain. Ask yourself: Could your neighborhood pass the level of compliance being required of these people? I would guess that almost everyone would have to answer “No.” The situation is clearly unfair.

  11. The reporters are in the wrong for their behavior, but so are the people that are blatantly ignoring the hralth guidelines, no matter how draconian they may be.

  12. Tragically, most Charedi Yidden have now become full-time Trumpists – at a moment when most normal people in America are about to vehemently reject his lunatic and dangerous views and ideas. Every liberal is an anti-Semite, every action against spreading the disease is Communist anti-religious action, all facts are fake news, all science is to be ignored, and all reporters are the enemy. And all of this to avoid facing a simple truth – frum Yidden are the primary source of the new wave of Covid-19 in NY and NJ, with all frum neighborhoods being the only ones with far higher positive test responses than the rest of NY and NJ, and this thanks to the fact that frum Yidden bought into the GOP-led conclusion that herd-immunity had been achieved in NY and NJ, despite repeated warnings by Dr, Fauci and other experts that this was not even close to happening. Therefore, the frum community spent the past 4 months davening in packed shuls and making huge weddings in closed halls without anyone wearing masks, since they decided there was no chance of a new wave – all the while Gov. Cuomo was repeatedly warning that despite the extremely low numbers in NYS, continued disregard for the guidelines risked re-igniting the epidemic. Even when it finally explodes, all the frum “epidemic experts” wave it off as a milder wave that is not killing anyone and therefore need not be feared, even as at least 4 Charedim were niftar over the past weekend in NY, including 2 chosheve rabbonim.

    Then, when the governor does his duty to prevent it from spreading all over the state, the frum press and Agudah attack his actions as anti-Semitic, despite his and his father’s decades-long record as strong friends of Jews and Israel, and not one reputable Rov condemns these words and actions, the shameful BP protests, or the blatant violations by batei midrash, chadarim and yeshivas, and Agudah and other Rabbonim from Monsey go to court to demand that we be allowed to continue spreading the disease even more by making hakafos in packed indoor shuls, so that NY and NJ Jewry can chalilah follow in the footsteps of what has been going on in Eretz Yisroel, where frum bloggers likewise screamed for months that there are no more deaths than every year, that people are merely dying “with Covid” and not “because of” Covid, and that Coronavirus is no worse than the flu – with some huge Chassidic kehillos davening on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur with thousands of non-mask-wearing mispalelim in closed shuls, only to see hundreds of frum levayos follow R”l, including many otherwise healthy people in their 50’s and 60’s. Then, not only does the frum metropolitan area community recklessly threaten the entire state with a recurrence of the epidemic, but we attack all those who seek to stop it as anti-Semites, making the whole America aware of our doubly reckless conduct – first spreading the disease by utter disregard for the law, and then attacking all criticism as anti-Semitism. Finally, we get all upset and attack the press that comes from all over to cover the news that we blasted out over megaphones to the entire world. The Chilul Hashem and hatred of frum Yidden that we ourselves have caused among the Chilonim and (l’havdil) the Goyim in the US and Israel this year is incalculable and unforgivable, and sadly all of us will suffer the consequences thereof for years to come – including all those who faithfully observed the guidelines, as HaGaon Rav Asher Weiss Shlit”a cried out in his public letter last week.

  13. I saw a good suggestion on line. TAKE THEIR PICS! Many of them are low-life individuals, and with a little search, quite a bit of hypocrisy can be unearthed. Anyhow, stay in their face, take their pics, hopefully some one will dig some dirt up on these despicable characters.

  14. rovrishon, hello! Most Jews on the street ARE wearing masks!!!! They will snap of one person who doesn’t wear one. They won’t go away unless people continously block cameras and taking photos and video of them. They are vultures.

  15. If you think that just wearing the masks will make the media go away then you’re an ignoramus! They are looking for a story and will only point their cameras at yidden not wearing masks, they’ll ignore the yidden with masks and ignore the goyim without.
    As for mmd1 who says we should remember we are in golus…maybe we should remember we are in golus when everything is alright and we build ostentatious houses and have extravagant weddings, and make huge events in stadiums…when we are being attacked, when we are faced with blatant anti semitism from people in power, we need to fight back!

  16. @Leo613
    You don’t have to give us one long run-on sentence without coming up for breath even once.
    We can read all these misleading facts in the media, where it was presumably reported by people like u.
    If you don’t have anything honest or wise to say KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. You might come across a bit more intelligent.

  17. Covid seems to be here to stay ! Nothing to protect ourselves ! Let them provide high tech medical care its almost 2021 ! If they cant provide the care and protect the people let them resign and others will do the job.

  18. Theyre doing their job? I dont think OJ SImpson had such angry wolves descending upon him. This big wedding was cancelled for a small family affair but the media is out and wants to produce results running after the plain shuel goers.
    The choppers started at 11:00 am with reporters descending on Rodney like worms let loose. Theyre big losers as theres no story to report. NADDA! I guess Orthodox Jews DO COMPLY MR GOVERNOR and all you reporters dying for actions, BLM is more intrsting. Just go there and ul find maskleas people but u wldnt care.
    Kudos to R ZL Teitelbaum for the appropriate actions of reducing the wedding to a small family event. Sorry Cuomo, You cldnt get them.

  19. Leo613; you sound like some angry anti Trump ist that only defenda the Governor. No! Theres no science under his supposed clusters. Its all targeted Trump areas that hes having field say with. Masks are ineffective but we still wear them cuz we follow rules! There were NO thousands of mispalelim in one shul. People wernt reckless but its still Yomtov! Your just spewing ur liberal garbage by repeating they’re despicable stuff that we’re spreading the virus. ITS A LIE!!! There r many more higher clusters that went unnoticed because its not Jewish. Who do u think ur fooling!?
    Ina any case, check ur DNA if its one of Klal Yiarael. Your spreading bigoted absolute lies.

  20. Leo613

    Most frum Jews must be crazy, right?

    Trump has been the best President for the US and the Jews.
    We don’t care about his punch backs on twitter or his remarks. We care about the important stuff, like national security, the economy, drug prices, Israel, he did everything he could to get help to the people.

    The EVIL Democrats fought him, and unfortunately they won, we have over 200,000 death because doctors don’t treat the virus right away, in fact they were threatened to lose their license if they prescribe Hydroxychloroquine…. We can go on and on…

    You are a pathetic fool

  21. A HELICOPTER?!!!
    This is NOT simply a journalist doing his job… these are people searching high and low literally to find something bad to say.
    They are working hard to depict the entire community as bad.
    Shame on every single one of them!

  22. For all of you saying reporters are there to report, Maybe they should report on Sleepy Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden being quite possibly the most corrupt politician alive today.

  23. Leo why is Rav Asher weiss a Shlita because you think he agrees with you?any rabbi who agrees with you is great and those that don’t be ware of Leo

  24. If the frum community complied with the guidelines and law, the journalists and reporters wouldn’t be in community… Regardless of what you think of Cumo and Deblasio, it’s not so hard to comply. We always do things that we aren’t happy doing and yet, we do it anyway and sometimes, you have to do something you don’t want to no matter how painful or uncomfortable

  25. What an obnoxious, unnecessarily sarcastic article. It wasn’t the press that invited people to celebrate with “tens of thousands”.
    It wasn’t the press that continued to attend school, shul, minyanim, and outwardly made a tremendous chillul hashem with their wonton disregard for laws (whether they agreed with the law or not).
    Granted, the governor of NY is a complete yutz, fine, but it wasn’t much to ask the yidden to cooperate with state law, especially after the measles outbreak in the past few years. Have we learned NOTHING??? A Jew cannot get too comfortable in golus. PERIOD.

  26. One more thing,
    Though wikipedia is far from a peer reviewed or “valid” source, allow me to share what they say regarding dina d’malchusah dina…

    “Dina d’malkhuta dina (alternative spelling: dina de-malkhuta dina) (Aramaic: דִּינָא דְּמַלְכוּתָא דִּינָא‎, “the law of the land is the law”), is a principle in Jewish religious law that the civil law of the country is binding upon the Jewish inhabitants of that country, and, in certain cases, is to be preferred to Jewish law. The concept of dina de-malkhuta dina is similar to the concept of conflict of laws in other legal systems. It appears in at least twenty-five places in the Shulchan Arukh.[1]

    The principle of dina d’malchuta dina means that for Jews, obedience to the civil law of the country in which they live is viewed as a religiously mandated obligation and disobedience is a transgression, according to Jewish law. This general principle is subject, however, to the qualifications that the government enacting the law must be one which is recognized by Jewish law as having legitimacy; the law must apply equitably to all the inhabitants, Jewish and non-Jewish alike; and the law must not contravene the spirit of the laws derived from the Torah even if a particular regulation may be contrary to a provision of Jewish law.[2] ”

    You’re welcome.

  27. Partial anti-semitism, but a lot of these media folks also believe that Jews are just “white people” too. In that context, look at what they do nationally. There was a good cable news bit where some reporter was going on about how people going to a park or a beach weren’t wearing mask. A passerby says, yeah, just like how your cameraman isn’t wearing a mask either. The reporter sheepishly looks down, goes yeah, and the news moved onto another story. Other footage shows other “on the scene” reporters removing their masks when the camera went off. I see politician’s do the same.

    It is a sick politicization of a tragedy and not letting a crisis go to waste. Unfortunately, the masks do work, so you cannot rebel this way. You know how to rebel? Get rid of the tragedy, and the opportunity. If there were no covid, and none in a neighborhood, no one can complain, and there can’t be any so-called press. No epidemic, no issue. Being sick, and rebelling isn’t a winning strategy. I thought we were the one people who were healthy and avoided plagues historically, why should this be different?

    The politicians are using the people having concerts in Manhattan just as they’ll use you. It’s a means to the same exact goal for them.

  28. Come on everybody this is when it should be obvious
    The same Hockers who just a week or two ago were talking & standing up so “tough” to the governor
    Completely zero to do with policy or Agenda
    Their whole power as mover & shakers relative toour communities respectively
    has to do with supposed associations and supposedly necessary middlemen with the powers-that-be
    How they do it ?
    Presently, first pretend to be leading where the masses wish to go
    And when the governors showed it up to as empty hot air they flipped sides
    And with a subtle abrupt shift they now switch to Craven submission to Cuomo

  29. You forget, here in America the press has access to the public, regardless of their religious beliefs. This is a core freedom. Don’t like it? Find a country that restricts their press and limits their rights.

  30. Y2r: Trump definitely has been a super friend of Israel and I can understand Jews who will vote for him because they put Israel before all else. But that doesn’t mean you should be blind to the fact that the man is literally off his rocker, and that he caused the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans by his reckless response to the Covid crisis, first and foremost by causing his avid supporters (which unfortunately includes 90% of frum Yidden) to believe that wearing masks is not necessary.

  31. lbj: Any yid who questions whether to write shlit”a on someone like Rav Asher Weiss, should be ashamed to call himself a “shomer Torah u’mitzvos.”

  32. Thehonesttruth: What an intelligent response. I am trying to remember the name of the guy who always responds like that whenever challenged – haters, liars, fake news – but I just can’t remember his name.

    Over 40,000 medical practitioners and public health professionals signed on!
    Follow the Science!
    No lockdowns!
    No masks!
    Keep clean.
    Focused protection on the elderly infirm!

  34. Miriam: It is pointless to debate someone who claims that black is white and day is night. “Masks are ineffective?” Besides the fact that every medical expert in the world says it is the safest thing against Covid, did you ever stop to think why every hospital worker and surgical team in the universe wears masks when treating people who have communicable diseases or are susceptible to infection if masks do not work, or why every oriental country (Singapore, South Korea, China, Japan) has both unbelievably low death rates from Covid (despite being right near the source) and mask-wearing rates above 95%? And how can you deny that frum people in NY and NJ months ago stopped wearing masks completely? Would you like links to videos from the Satmar and Belz weddings, or tischen from Sadigura, Belz and others, in which not a single person from thousands has a mask? And no, I am not a liberal. I am a conservative-minded chassidishe Yid, who believes that a president who violates every aveirah in the Torah, cannot utter three words without lying, and has every bad midah in the book, causes such behavior to infest the whole country, and causes people to become immune and oblivious to lying and incapable of knowing the truth if it hits them in the face. I also believe that making a chilul Hashem and increasing hatred of frum Yidden in golus is the most unforgivable aveirah, as the Gemara teaches us in Yoma 86a.

  35. Just wear the masks and don’t go to Shul and close all places of Torah and they’ll go away
    To roshvrishon CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS THE ONLY ANSWER before it is too late

  36. I actually like the “off his rocker” approach much better than the Obama smile and stab the Jews in the back approach. Nevertheless, Trump inherited a CDC that didn’t have a test for Covid, an empty stockpile of PPE from the SARS epidemic thanks to Obama and Biden, and very few ventilators. Not only did he ban travel from China and Europe early on for which he was called all sorts of names like xenophobe and racist but he put together a task force that was able to produce the above materials in record time. We now have some therapeutics thanks to the private sector as well a vaccine that will be ready in we hope a relative short period of time, far quicker than anyone ever predicted. What would Biden have done differently? Hard to say but we do know that his own people openly admitted that they messed up terribly with SARS, but were lucky in that SARS proved to be a much less deadly virus than Covid.

  37. I saw a picture of CNN, the headline is about rising COVID cases in more than half of the country with a large image of a guy holding a new lulav on an empty street. I resend part of what I said before, but I will still say don’t martyr yourself other these ‘people’. If you do 3 simple things they’ll have to fake the numbers of the epidemic to continue hanging around Brooklyn and ignoring Bronx, Manhattan, and 28 other US States.

  38. KShomron, thank you for your excellent service, kapo. I’m sure in the non-Jewish neighborhoods where the rates are much higher we also hear your hateful remarks about the people living there…

  39. Leo613
    If masks are “so effective” (contrary to what the CDC stated in the summer), then why close schools and non essential businesses? Just plant a guard by the door and allow entry w mask only. No need for hypocrisy.

  40. I cannot believe I even have to say this, but:

    1. Your (shows possession/ownership).
    Ex: Please watch your (ownership) mouths.

    2. You’re (contraction for “you are”, where the letter “a” is replaced by an apostrophe).
    Ex: You’re (you are) using religion as a way to justify your (posession) bad behavior.

  41. Thehonesttruth: Another honest lie – no CDC ever said such a thing (unless by CDC you mean “Central Deniers Congress”). Google from now until Moshiach and you will not find any such statement. As for opening schools and businesses w. masks – 1) Masks alone are not foolproof if everyone is together in close proximity indoors for hours at a time. 2) They know the reality – that the minute the students sit down in class they will remove their masks, as is the case in almost every cheder, yeshiva, Beis Yaakov and seminary here in Eretz Yisroel.

  42. Leo613

  43. As ridiculous as this situation is, the truth is, we as Yidden, have a great opportunity here. To show these people what a Jew a mensch really is. Give them water bottles. Say good morning, good evening, etc. Not killing them with kindness, but let them photograph Jewish people being who they truly are! Kind and generous. This is the satan trying really hard to get Yidden to fight with another. HaSh-m despises that. Let’s give Him nachas. Try it. You will be surprised at it’s efficacy.

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