ISRAEL: Nearly 5,000 People Have Contracted COVID For A Second Time

(AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

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Israel’s Health Ministry has published statistics regarding those who have contracted the COVID for a second time. According to the numbers published by the Ministry, the second vaccination wears out over time and has left those who received it more than five months prior, susceptible to receiving the Delta variant of the virus – as the Delta variant overpowers the person’s antibodies.

Among the 900,000 people who have already recovered from having previously contracted the Coronavirus, only 4,811 people have contracted the disease a second time. This makes up 0.47 percent of all recovered patients. In 2020, prior to the existence of the Delta Variant, only 0.08 percent of those who had recovered from the virus contracted it a second time, a truly minimal statistic. However, since the Delta variant began, that number rose to 0.47 percent, a dramatic increase.

These numbers go to prove how the antibodies have dwindled over time and how the Delta variant, which has grown incredibly prominent in Israel has overpowered their effectiveness.

Of those who contracted the disease a second time, 56 percent of them contracted it during the month of August.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. These numbers go to prove how the antibodies have dwindled over time and how the Delta variant,
    but this who still have antibodies did the get it always always not telling about this if it is still effective

  2. err ic55: Here is how mistaken you are: Based on the numbers in the above article, in a nation of approximately 8,000,000 people, the number of people suffering a second case of COVID case is about 6/100ths of 1%. The article even does some math for you, when it says the percentage of people suffering a second COVID case, out of all who who have suffered a single case, is 0.47%. This does not prove anything that the ant-vaxxers say.

  3. The article doesn’t say if those who got the virus the second time were vaccinated. I wouldn’t be surprised that the people who got covid-19 the second time were those who got vaccinated after having covid.

  4. New Israeli Study Finds Fully Vaccinated People are at “Greater Risk of Hospitalization” and 13 TIMES MORE LIKELY to Catch Covid-19 Than Those Who Have Recovered and Have Natural Immunity
    By Julian Conradson
    Published August 27, 2021 at 2:06pm
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    A new study out of Israel has seemingly confirmed that individuals who have natural immunity have better protection against the NEW DELTA VARIANT than people who are fully vaccinated.

    The team of researchers, from Maccabi Healthcare and Tel Aviv University, published their study earlier this week to

    ‘This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, ‘ the team of researchers wrote.

    Not just a little bit better either. People who have taken both doses of the Pfizer jab are 13 TIMES more likely to have a breakthrough infection, and are even at a “greater risk for Covid-19 hospitalizations.”

  5. ccbbaa – The data and stats you printed say nothing about the danger of contracting the Delta variant after vaccination vs. those who have not had the virus and have not vaccinated, which is THE POINT.

  6. fools all of the above___doing the right thing is getting vaccinated doing what anti vaxxers and evil does rings the same bell ‘fools’…….too much space wasted on these dynamic freaks__you don’t get vaccinated, you don’t get visibility and you don’t get into my house or shabbos table__period__Anti Vaxxers are plain and simple stupid and evil freaks who do not deserve one breath of this amazing planet+___

  7. Sara Rifka, you make it sound like you own the this planet, and if you do, why are you so scared of few antivaxers?
    And the answer is ,obviously you don’t even own your own body, because Hashem can take you of his life support in an instant, no matter how vaccinated you, there is no vaccine against Hashem’s will!
    So what are you afraid off? People who don’t do the same level of yishtadlus in shmiras haguf? And for that you want them off Hashem’s planet? They should not be alowed to breath Hashem’s air, because they don’t follow CDC’s gide lines on vaccines? Same CDC denies Hashem and Torah. That is run by burocrat “doctors”, likes of lying Mr. Fauci, mr. science himself, who are all 100% sure that you evolved from monkeys, and vaccnation is the next very nessesary step in evolutionary proccess, so that people don’t have to have more than one kid, because their single child will have 95% chance to survive to adulthood, thanks to vaccines.
    Do you know how many nice, educated and very frum became “anti vaxxers”? Something bad happed to their child after a rutine vaccination that changed life of their entier family!
    Are there serious side effects to most vaccines? Yes!!! Look it up!
    Who will be on the hook for those side effects? Not the doctor! Not the vaccine manifacturer! Not the government! The family in on the hook for all the extra care & therapy all on their own, unless they get very very lucky and VAERS pays up, 1/100 chance!