BIDEN’S AMERICA: Whopping $5 Gallon Of Gas In Manhattan – National Prices Hit 7 Year High

Photo via Fox 5 NY

Gas prices are on the rise and they have hit nearly $5 for regular and are now about $5.40 a gallon for supreme in Manhattan. A Mobil station on 11th Ave. on the West Side had the eye-popping prices on Monday evening.

Gas prices in America are averaging $3.27 per gallon of regular — over $1 more than a year ago, and the highest they’ve been since 2014.

Prices at the pump are rising particularly steeply lately. A gallon of regular costs an extra $.10 or more over what it did one week ago in nine states (Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Michigan, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Illinois and Delaware) and Washington, D.C., according to AAA. California drivers almost always face the highest gas prices in the nation, and they’re paying well over $4 a gallon right now — an average of $4.44, at last check, compared to $3.21 a year ago.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Yes, Biden is the president, but he doesn’t control distribution. The economic problems much to do with covid, is the result of the complete failure and incompetence of the last administration in defeating this health emergency.

  2. The American people freely elected a president who supports the idea the use of oil is a bad thing that needs to be stopped, and makes use of taxation and environmental regulations to cut the amount of oil being pumped from the ground, processed into fuel and consumed. If New Yorkers want lower prices for gasoline (and other forms of energy derived from carbon), they are free to vote Republican. Your choice (but one shouldn’t vote Democrat and then whine when they keep their campaign promises).

  3. Manhattan gasoline prices are always substantially higher than in the outer boroughs and in the rest of America. It is nonsense to lead any story about gas prices with Manhattan gas prices, unless you are trying to smear a politician.

  4. With costs of virtually all basics skyrocketing, maybe it was the wrong thing for the govt to stop the stimulus. The ridiculous unemployment benefits had to stop loooong ago but many people can really use help, maybe in the form of stimulus? Seems odd to stop it now when it’s hurting most.

  5. Let’s go Brandon!
    What will it take for Americans to have buyer remorse? Will it be enough for them to vote republican next election? Nah probably not, Biden and psaki will blame it on trump or covid or my neighbors dog and everyone will nod and agree

  6. rt, you and all the democrats, placing blame instead of working to clean things up.

    If the pandemic would’ve started in Biden’s administration, the democrats would then blame Trump for not predicting and warning everyone of its impending arrival.

    Stop pointing fingers and take a good look in the mirror. What has the current administration done to fix any of the issues it blames Trump for?