GOOD NEWS FLYING TO ISRAEL: Pre-Flight Covid Test Requirement to be Dropped


Travelers arriving in Ben Gurion International Airport will no longer be required to take a PCR test effective on May 20th. This was announced today (Sunday) by the Minister of Health, Nitzan Horovitz, upon the conclusion of his meeting with the Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

The resolution has been made in light of the decline in infection rate and upon completion of deliberations between Ministry of Health professionals and Airport Authority representatives.

Additionally, the Health Minister and the Chairman of the Constitution Committee, MK Gilad Kariv, concluded that starting this Tuesday, foreign nationals arriving in Israel will be allowed to take an antigen test before boarding the flight (as an alternative to the PCR test). Non-Israelis who will choose the antigen alternative will be required to take the test within 24 hours before the flight to Israel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It’s not good news if the decision is not medically sound. I have no idea whether or not it is medically sound, but there is generally too much politics and not enough medicine governing these matters.

  2. In light of this news, I have made reservations to go and spend יום ירושלים in 🇮🇱
    Simply couldn’t figure out a better venue to recite הלל than at the כותל

  3. Just to be clear to avoid confusion:

    1) Rapid PCR test Before the flight – still required
    2) Test in Ben Gurion airport upon arrival – not required

    Is this correct?

  4. To add:

    Your headline is a bit deceiving. Pre flight covid test NOT dropped. Please change the wording of your headline of this article,. People will attempt to fly (upon seeing your headline) and they will not be allowed on the flight because they didn’t get a rapid PCR test before the flight