Jewish Community Activists Hold Meeting With NY Republican Governor Candidate Lee Zeldin


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New York Republican gubernatorial Rep. Lee Zeldin, met with Jewish political activists and community members Tuesday, at the Kew Gardens Hills Queens home of renowned askanit, Sorolle Idels.

Zeldin first had a private meeting with Jewish leaders including Rabbi Yoel Schoenfeld, Rabbi Chaim Schwartz, Rabbi Haim Schwartz, Nechemia Hoch, Jennifer Martin, Meshulem Lisker, Alan Sherman, Max Coen, Marty Dicker, Ari Dicker, Jonathan Zalisky, Shabsie Sapherstein, Yaakov Serle, Aaron Laub and others.

Zeldin reiterated his strong support of yeshiva independence, his belief in law and order, and vowed to oust embattled progressive Manhattan DA Alan Bragg on Day One of his term.

Though polls released Tuesday show Zeldin trailing Gov. Kathy Hochul by double digits, Zeldin said he sees a path to victory with high turnout among energetic Republicans of all age groups.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. GO MR. ZELDIN. Everyone should be voting REPUBLICAN. Get that evil anti- Semite out of office. A witch who wants to do away with Torah should be abolished.

  2. This is a great step forward. For decades, the frum community has supported the liberals, due to the latter’s support of minorities, of which the Jews were. But things have changed. the Liberals are becoming exceedingly anti-religious, while the conservatives have become much more vocal and supporting of religious freedom. All this is besides the increasingly disgusting abominations the Liberals wish to normalize, while conservatives fight that, and are winning. Bottom line: The conservatives – relatively speaking – are today much more aligned with the needs and general world view of the Jewish Orthodox community.
    It is great to see askonim supporting conservative candidates.
    Speaking of which, what needs explaining is the trend of some frum circles toward support of Hochul, given her extreme Liberal-To’eva agenda. And that’s at the same time that these same circles’ counterparts in EY, shun all contact with the Israeli government, due to the latter’s secularist views.

  3. As a registered Republican, I did not vote for Lee in the primary (I voted for Guliani), but in the general election we MUST vote for Zeldin! We can not allow Kathy Hochul, who’s tied down to the progressive left and goes against everything we as Frum Yidden treasure, to be our next Governor!

  4. What an absolute waste of time. New York is a one-party state. (Not much different than Cuba.) No non-Democrat has a snowballs chance.

    But at least these wannabes got to have their picture taken. If that makes them happy, who is to complain. It makes them feel important, I suppose, to get mentioned in some community blogs.

  5. @ujm:
    Did you ever hear of George Pataki? He was behind in the polls until the very end and ended up winning the Governorship from the all powerful Mario Cuomo. If the idiot dummies like crime, so they can vote for the privileged white democrat. All other decent New Yorkers should vote for Lee Zeldin.

  6. ujm: you are not wrong but there are certain influential elements in our society that want us to believe that a republican will never win, in order to discourage the republican vote. yet, history tells us that people reached a breaking point and elected republican guiliani and then one term of bloomberg as republican mayors and at that same time – pataki twice as a republican governor. And it sure does look a lot like 1993 out there. Have we reached our breaking point? I dont know but don’t feel discouraged. Go out and vote and you might be surprised.

    As for that stunner of a picture of everyone sitting around the dining room table, it really is a stunner and I am so glad they got 450 takes of it and posted all 450 here. Dynamite stuff right there.

  7. Thank you to YWN for posting this event. Thank you to Shimmy and Sorolle Idels for believing in giving voters another option. Special acknowledgement to Rav Yoel Schoenfeld, President, Coalition for Jewish Values for attending. We wish you well as you depart to be closer to family in Baltimore. The duo of Rabbi Chaim Schwartz of VHQ and Rabbi Hayim Schwartz of RSA have widely encouraged voting in the past. Their presence at this event solidifies the need seek new avenues for representation. Queens ticks because of Yaakov Serle’s unyielding desire to push our causes. But most of all this event linked Queens, Long Island, and Crown Heights, Brooklyn threw a select group of community leaders.

    To ujm, you are probably in one of those photos above of which I took a handful, so please maintain a decorum.

  8. The Jewish Community Leaders/Askunim can endorse Governor Hochul all they want, Nobody will listen.

    The fact is that the Frum Jewish NY Residents/Voters will All be voting for Republican Lee Zeldin, I’m just stating a very obvious fact that the sooner our Askunim realize the better.

    Same will be in Boro Park for Congress District 10 Jewish candidate Brian Robinson who shares our Frum values.

  9. To ujm: Yes, Democrats are strong and popular in NY, but that does not make New York anything like Cuba. Your suggestion is ridiculous.