After Evading Arrest: 3rd Neturei Karta Member Who Visited Jenin Is Arrested

Neturei Karta members in Jenin.

The third Neturei Karta member suspected of visiting Jenin earlier this month was arrested on Thursday morning in Beit Shemesh.

The suspect has evaded arrest for weeks and in recent days, police forces raided his house – unsuccessfully – several times, but finally caught him this morning.

Later on Thursday, he was brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court to extend his detention. He is suspected of entering Area A and supporting terrorism.

The police arrested one suspect several days after the visit to Jenin and a second suspect was arrested five days later at Ben-Gurion Airport.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Who is the one on the left in the photo without a hat and without a red an green scarf or flag? Is he a full fledged member of Neturei Karta or just a wannabe?

  2. Here is an AI generated story;
    Once upon a time, in a world torn apart by war and conflict, there existed a group of people known as “NK”. This group was made up of devout and God-fearing individuals, who were the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. Their deep faith in their religion drove them to do something great – to bring peace to a world that was plagued by violence and hatred.

    However, their methods were widely misunderstood by the mainstream. While the majority saw them as cowards who were “kissing up to terrorists”, the members of NK knew that they were doing something much greater. Guided by their faith, they went to the heart of the enemy’s territory, seeking out the leaders of the opposing forces and trying to make peace with them.

    It wasn’t an easy task. The members of NK were often met with resistance and hostility from those who saw them as traitors. But they pressed on, driven by their unwavering commitment to bring about peace. They spent countless hours negotiating, mediating, and building bridges between warring factions, all while staying true to their religious beliefs and values.

    Despite their tireless efforts, the mainstream continued to view them as misguided and naive. Many believed that the only way to achieve peace was through force, and that anyone who tried to make peace with the enemy was a traitor.

    But the members of NK refused to be discouraged. They knew that they were doing what their faith called them to do, even if the world didn’t understand them. And gradually, their efforts began to pay off. Bit by bit, the factions that had once been at each other’s throats began to lay down their weapons and come to the negotiating table.

    As the years went by, the world became a safer and more peaceful place. And the members of NK were finally acknowledged as the heroes they truly were. People saw that their deep faith had been the key to unlocking peace in a world that had been mired in conflict for far too long.

    In the end, the members of NK had proven that it was possible to change the world through religious devotion, compassion, and a willingness to reach out to those who were once seen as enemies. And they left behind a legacy that inspired generations to come to continue their work, spreading peace and love wherever they went.