STAGGERING NUMBERS: Hatzalah South Florida Responds To Over 500 Calls – Just In Month of January


As reported here on YWN, Hatzalah South Florida Supervisors were hard at work preparing for the massive influx of visitors to the South Florida area for the extended winter break period known as “Yeshiva Week.”

HSF was already experiencing extraordinary growth, responding to over 4000 calls in the year 2022, up from 1500 calls annually, just two years prior.

YWN contacted HSF Supervisors to inquire if indeed the call volume over the winter break period increased exponentially in this time period. HSF leaders reported that its dedicated volunteers responded to over 500 calls in the month of January, with over 250 calls coming in the period known as “Yeshiva Week,” a new record for HSF. With calls ranging from minor trauma & cuts and bruises to more serious calls like asthmatics difficulty breathing, chest pains, stroke, missing children, pedestrians struck, as well as three cardiac arrests including a dramatic “SAVE” of a drowning child B’H!, the calls kept coming.

The explosive call volume is truly unprecedented in South Florida. As the calls for help continue to rise with each passing month, HSF leadership expressed its gratitude to South Florida’s many visitors and year-round residents who have previously contributed to help Hatzalah grow and obtain the extensive resources like ambulances, defibrillators, cardiac monitors and medical equipment needed for their ever-expanding life-saving operations.

HSF is now launching its very first “Shabbos Hatzalah,” campaign this coming Shabbos Beshalach across South Florida and respectfully asks those that enjoy the sun and relaxation of South Florida, to partner with HSF as it continues to build its sophisticated communication and logistical operation across the region. From South Beach to Boca, callers can count on Hatzalah South Florida to answer their call for help anytime, day or night. Whether one is currently in South Florida or has returned home, Hatzalah now asks the public to answer their call for help. It is a worthy investment indeed.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Did they create more sick people? Were there the same amounts of sick people going to the hospital before Hatzalah South Florida was created?

  2. Many were unaware that the FDA added a Myocarditis and Pericarditis and Syncope warning to the Covid RNA Shots.
    The Vax Clinics such a Chemed and Refuah should be giving simple Blood tests for Cardiac Troponin and D-Dimer levels so people can know if they are at risk and get imaging to further look into their heart health after the shots. It’s unclear why they haven’t offered The Cardiac enzyme testing because of the FDA warning,
    Because most people with myocarditis don’t know they have it, and if they do increased exercise or straining they put themselves at greater risk.

  3. Gosh, I wonder whatever in the world has changed that possibly could account for the increase in medical emergencies. I’m just scratching my head right now. Hm…. Let’s think about this…. Hm…