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Torah Live: Nine Amazing Chanuka Videos You Won’t Want to Miss

tliv.jpgSomething is sizzling this chanuka and it isn’t just the latkes. Torah Live, a leader in harnessing multimedia technology for teaching authentic Torah wisdom, has released a free series of short, powerful and inspirational videos just in time for Chanukah. Starring Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky as guest speaker, the videos cover the why’s and how’s of Chanuka in an upbeat and fun way. With topics including “Women and Work,” “Lessons from the Olive Tree” and the “How to Light Game show,” viewers will surely laugh and learn their way to a more meaningful Chanuka.

Since making their debut at Ohr Samayach in 2007, Torah Live has presented live at over 50 different venues in 20 cities around the globe, including this past year’s Torah U’mesorah Convention. Combining thorough research with an electrifying educational style, they have quickly garnered the support of such notables as Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski, Rabbi Noach Orlowek and Rabbi Zev Leff. By applying modern presentation methods to carefully developed halacha and hashkafa shiurim, Torah Live makes Torah burst out of the books and into life.

Torah Live is under the guidance of Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits and is run by its founder, Rabbi Dan Roth, author of “Relevance: Pirkei Avos for the Twenty First Century” (Feldheim,”

To view the free Torah Live Chanuka videos, click here now.

(Flash required) To order the videos on CD, write to [email protected]

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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