PHOTOS: Chaverim of Rockland Volunteers Search Restaurant’s Trash Bins To Find Woman’s $25K Rings



A lady frantically called Chaverim of Rockland on Sunday night, saying she had misplaced her rings at a local restaurant. The woman had taken off the rings while washing her hands, and had accidentally tossed them in the trash together with the remains of her food tray.

Chaverim arrived on the scene at Kosher Castle in Monsey shortly after 10:30PM. Volunteers emptied all of the restaurant’s trash bins and went through the contents with metal detectors. After several minutes they were b”h able to retrive the rings. The woman later said her rings are worth close to $25k.


(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. 25,000 dollars for a ring thats the first problem, jews in israel are fighting for their lives jews in america are fighting for their rings

  2. i hope she paid each of those volunteers at least a small percentage of the worth of her rings
    i wonder if SHE herself would be ready to sift through all that junk to fnd her $25K worth rings!!!

  3. the 1st 4 are reshayim arib is probably a akum , eric 55 is probobly ,a low neshama , shtikah is pbobly reduced mentel intellegence , and chilliworker2 is kach hu a balmellacha tipaish and shoteh . Does anybody know how she showed her hakaras hatov. ? You know guys before u talk you should think T H I N K T= is it True H= is it Helpfull I = is it Inspiring N= is it Necessary K = is it Kind . This parshe Ayleh H ADE VA R I M Devorim ur words could be like Devoorim like a bee sting , or Devar yam like an ocean calm or very stormy . TB is coming go easy on the sinas chinom R 108300

  4. rabbi108300 – thanx for the THINK roshei teivos. very nice
    but if you’d READ what i wrote, “i hope she paid…’ i did not say, ‘why didn’t she pay’…
    i’m just thinking out loud
    but yes, i’ll THINK b/4 i write anything next time (i hope)