WATCH: Israeli Police Violently Arrest Yeshiva Bochur Selling Lulavim In Bnei Brak Without Permit


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  1. Actually, the first two policemen were trying to calmly detain the boy. In the second “act” the bochrim standing around caused a scary mob scene and the police responded. Watch carefully before you judge.

  2. all i saw was an idiot smoking and onlookers interfering with the police yelling nazis and lying saying lo asah klum. the arresting officer wore a yarmulkah, btw

  3. Stop screaming Nazi. The humans outnumber the thugs in Police uniform. If you don’t aggressively defend yourselves, the animals won’t stop. Why is everyone just standing around?
    Let them crawl back to their barracks bloody. They’ll come back with more, we show up with more. There is a reason they don’t mess with the Ger chassidim.
    Years ago, they showed the animals who is in charge.

  4. Really a good idea to get the facts before psting stuff like this.

    He was not targetted. The police are curbing all hawkers in order to free up the sidewalks for poeple to walk. He had been cautioned half an hour ealier, and took off on his electric scooter the second time he was seen, knocking someoneover in the process, before being detailed. An accomplice later attacked an officer and both are currently in detention. The residents agree with the police action, but the noise in the clip is simply yeshiva bochuring doing what they do best….

  5. To Circle. The officers if you noticed were skin heads. The others don’t react because they are bnei Torah. I was once arrested for no reason, the officer beat me too. I did not file a complain because it is useless. What the officer told me after I was proven innocent was “in America police are worse”.They truly believe the Chareidim are subhuman and they have a right to do what they want because the “world” think we are subhuman too. Read about Rudolf Kastner and zionism and you will be surprised.

  6. I agree with RabbiAMK. Seems like the mob was threatening the cops more than the reverse. In the US, that’s called resisting arrest and interfering with an officer.

  7. w

    Why was he arrester

    Why was he arrested?
    Did he steal?
    Did he hit some one?
    Is he suspected of forgery?
    Without this information and what preceded this video this means nothing.
    Just as a final though, why are so many religious Jews the street apparently with nothing to do?

  8. Whether you agree or disagree with the police enforcement of rules restricting street vendors, I cannot believe these thugs would physically attack and resist an order from the police as shown in the video. In some jurisdictions, including the U.S. the police would have used stun guns or greater force to subdue these attackers and charge them with assaulting a law enforcement officer. In EY, the police and prosecutors have shown way too much restraint and only encouraged these kinds of attacks.

  9. YWN’s headline is very misleading. The ‘bochur’ was not following the instructions of the policemen and they used minimal force to detain him. While the behavior of the policemen was not shocking, the comments of ‘Big Bob’ and ‘Circle’ are not merely shocking – they are truly evil.