Oron Shaul Family Accuses The Government Of Abandoning Them


IDF Sgt. Oron Shaul HY”D was killed during fighting with Hamas in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014. His body, and that of Lt. Hadar Goldin HY”D were taken by Hamas. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has repeatedly promised the bereaved families that the return of their son’s bodies remains at the top of the government’s priorities.

The family of Shaul has announced it feels it has been abandoned by government officials and Mrs. Zahava Shaul, Oron’s mom, is not threatening to take her case to the High Court of Justice to demand the appointment of another lead negotiator. Colonel (reserves) Lior Lotan, who resigned about two months ago has yet to be replaced by Prime Minister Netanyahu, signaling as they feel that the matter is not one of high priority as Mr. Netanyahu promises to be the case.

Mrs. Shaul told the media and is quoted by Yisrael Hayom that weeks pass and there is no longer anyone updating her on events since Lotan is gone.

Mrs. Shaul adds that recent media reports of reconciliation attempts between Hamas and Fatah should signal opportunity for Israel to attempt to bring back the body of her son as well as Goldin, lamenting that even if this is so, there is no one at the wheel and no one for them to contact that liaisons between the bereaved families and the government and between the families and Hamas.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)