HaMekubal Harav Kook: “The Borei Olam ‘Locked Down’ Chillul Shabbos In Public”


The Mekubal Harav Dov Kook called on Israelis who may not normally be Shomer Shabbos to take advantage of the upcoming Shabbos at home to keep Shabbos or at least to make kiddush, Kikar H’Shabbos reported. 

“Rabbosai, this Shabbos is a very significant Shabbos for Israel because most people are staying at home anyway and Shemiras Shabbos is definitely within reach,” Harav Kook said in a video.

“Chillul Shabbos in public drives away [the Shechina], it’s the most chamur of all so downplaying it must also be driven away. Everyone who remains at home should make a cheshbon nefesh. The Borei Olam is signaling to us not to go out and not to travel. The Borei Olam ‘locked down” Chillul Shabbos in public. This is a sign to each one us that we also need to ‘lock down’ ourselves.” 

Rav Kook then recommended that all Jews make Kiddush this Shabbos on whatever they like – grape juice, sweet wine – whatever they prefer – whether they usually do so or not.

“Do what your father did. There’s not one of us whose grandfather of his grandfather didn’t make Kiddush. It doesn’t exist…it’s not possible…grandfather of his grandfather…I can swear to you. Do what the grandfather of your grandfather did.” 

Rav Kook quoted the Gemara that “Breish kol ha’refuos ani yayin” – that wine has an incredible power of healing on a physical level and a spiritual level – especially the wine of Kiddush, emphasizing that there’s no refuah in the world greater than the wine of Kiddush.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)