THANKS BIDEN: As Prices Soar, Gas Stations Prepare for $10 a Gallon

(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh, File)

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If you think record high gas prices are bad enough, hang on to your hat because it might get a lot worse.

Gas station chain 76 in is so sure that prices will continue soaring through the summer that it’s reprogramming its stations in Washington state to be able to show $10 or more per gallon.

A spokesman for 76 said the reprogrammings are being done to “make room” for the possibility of $10 gas.

Meanwhile, some gas stations in Washington have completely run out of gas, with at least 10 stations reportedly dry, including Exxon and Circle K stations.

The soaring price of gasoline – along with the skyrocketing prices of everything else – is likely the biggest hurdle of President Biden’s presidency. In the last month of Donald Trump’s presidency, the average price of gas was $2.41 a gallon; now, it’s $4.56.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Funny how YWN blames all bad news on Biden (e.g. low gas prices), but not good news (e.g. low unemployment).

    Gas prices have gone up world wide. The US is about 20% of the world’s market for oil (production and consumption). The US under President Biden has not made major changes to production, distribution, consumption or taxation of oil. So, why do you think that the US has anything to do with the rise in oil prices?

  2. But oil and gas cause global warming and are therefore the biggest threat to human existence, but courageous President Biden is cracking down on this by raising prices for consumers (who will respond by less consumption) and keeping those evil oil and gas companies from drilling, pumping or build the infrastructure to transport oil and gas to consumers.

    People need to get used to the idea they being warm in winter, cool in summer and having mobility (other than walking, biking or riding a horse) is for the elites who can afford “green” energy, not the deplorables who use carbon-based energy. How can we build a progressive society than progressively rewards the most wealthy if we make a decent lifestyle affordable to those deemed unworthy (some of them even vote for Trump, and need to be reeducated)

  3. If anyone thinks the midterm red tsunami November 2010 was massive, that shall pale into insignificance compared the eagerly anticipated tidal red Tsunami of epic proportions the likes of which have never been witnessed by mankind, אי”ה coming this November

  4. yidden should move out of america fast before the inevitable western economic collapse and all the chaos and violence that will ensue once it’s underway…

    I suggest you all come join your family here in Eretz Yisrael and help make this a Torah Medina.

  5. jackk,

    The explanation of what is going on is that this is just one more catastrophe that your idol, Brainless Brandon, has wrought upon this country. It would be nice if this man-child would at least put on big-boy pants and take responsibility instead of blaming everyone else but of course that won’t happen.

  6. When was this made public, when Biden shaked hands with the invisible agent?
    Oh what’s better by the way, an intrepid that can’t control anything beyond his own mind-and that barely, or a well overdone big boy beleiving show off who just relishes to let all fake news know about anything from his new toys to how his day went in playgroup?
    I donno….