Bus Smashes Into Teaneck Jewish Clothing Store; Mannequin the Only Casualty [VIDEO]


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A bus driver in Teaneck suffered a medical emergency while driving and slammed the 40-foot vehicle into a clothing storefront, Tuesday afternoon.

Bystanders observed the bus coming down Garrison Avenue before barreling through a usually busy intersection at Cedar Lane, before rolling through a sidewalk seating area and smashing into the front of Carly’z Craze, a clothing and fashion store.

EMS took the bus driver to a local hospital. His condition was not immediately known.

There was one casualty in the mishap: a clothing mannequin from the storefront was tossed headfirst onto the sidewalk during the crash, and was later determined to be unsalvageable.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



  1. Driver was probably attempting to destroy the non-tznius mannequin.

    (obviously just kidding and the driver should have a speedy recovery)

  2. if you think that’s “crazy” or “officially nuts” wait until you see what’s coming for the yidden in E”Y in the coming months and years…

    calling something small like this “crazy” and standing there with your iphone recording it all bewildered and such instead of continuing to learn in yeshiva or someplace shows what kind of gashmiousdike personality you have, and what your priorities are. all of you better move to Eretz Yisrael or do Teshuva quickly because your comfortable life in America is nearing its final years…

    get this golus mentality out of your head!
    its avodah zara and a chilul hashem