Chaveirim of Rockland Inaugurates New Emergency Response Vehicle, Police, Sherriff Laud Incredible Work Of Organization


Chaveirim of Rockland inaugurated a new emergency response vehicle donated by VIP Collision on Tuesday morning at Ramapo Town Hall.

The event was emceed by Rockland County Legislator Aaron Wieder, who introduced various other dignitaries, including Ramapo Supervisor Michael B. Specht, Ramapo Chief of Staff Mona Montal, Ramapo Police Chief Martin Reilly, Spring Valley Police Chief Richard Oleszczuk, and Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco, among others, all of whom came to express their appreciation for Chaveirim’s work.

“As much as we do, we can’t be everywhere, we can’t see everything, we don’t know every single thing that’s going on. Chaveirim… in great part, has been the eyes and ears for all of law enforcement, whether it’s the Sheriff’s Office, whether it’s the Ramapo Police Department, whether it’s the Spring Valley Police Department,” said Sheriff Falco.

“I’m proud that we have such an amazing relationship with Chaveirim that’s been built over the years,” said Ramapo Police Chief Martin Reilly. “We are proud to have you guys as partners. You guys are amazing, the amount of work that you do… And you do it for no recognition. You do it just to help the community – and it doesn’t matter which community. You’ll help anybody, anywhere, and that’s amazing. Everybody in this police department has your number in their phone, because we know that you guys will help us if we need you.”

As a Chaveirim call was dispatched while Chief Reilly was speaking, he noted that Chaveirim has now responded to a staggering 34,000 calls this year alone.

“Our friends, Chaveirim, who have been our partners for many years… we know Chaveirim will be there to respond for emergencies big and small, whether it’s a person missing, a disaster, or simply someone who’s locked out of their house or their car doesn’t start. And I will confess: Three times Chaveirim has been to my house to jumpstart my car!” said Ramapo Supervisor Michael B. Specht.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)