Amid Political Chaos, Bennett Visits UAE, Makes Embarrassing Mistake

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett arrives in Abu Dhabi, June 9, 2022 (Kobi Gideon/GPO)

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was on a surprise visit to the United Arab Emirates on Thursday, a snap trip that came as efforts to salvage a deal over Iran’s nuclear program were stalled amid a deepening standoff with Tehran.

The visit was Bennett’s second public trip to Abu Dhabi since Israel and the UAE agreed to normalize ties in 2020 after years of quiet cooperation, mainly over their shared concerns over Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

A statement from Bennett’s office said the Israeli leader will meet the UAE’s president, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and that the two will discuss “various regional issues.” Iran is likely to top the agenda.

Bennett tweeted about the trip and made an embarrassing mistake, perhaps due to the dissolution of his office in the past month, especially his spokesperson. He mistakenly tweeted, alongside his picture with the foreign minister, that he had met the Emirates president, Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed.

“I recently arrived in Abu Dhabi to meet my friend, President Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayd, and express my condolences to the royal family on the death of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayd,” Bennett wrote, tweeting a picture showing him shaking the hand of the Emirati Foreign Minister.

An account operated by a Hebrew-speaking person in the UAE tweeted in response: “This is Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, the Foreign Minister of the UAE.”

Following the tweet, Bennett’s spokesperson tweeted a message stating: “In the photo: Being greeted by the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Abdullah Ben Zayed.”

In a video statement recorded before departing, Bennett commended countries at an International Atomic Energy Agency meeting in Vienna on Wednesday who voted to censure Iran over its transparency about nuclear activities at three undeclared sites in the country.

“We see here a firm stance by the countries of the world regarding the distinction between good and evil, as they clearly state that Iran is concealing things. We will not let up on this issue,” he said before boarding a plane to the UAE.

The IAEA said Thursday Iran plans to ramp up its uranium enrichment, with the installation of advanced centrifuges.

Bennett’s visit takes place amid political chaos and the imminent dissolution of the coalition, with reports on Thursday saying that Yamina MK Nir Orbach has made a decision to resign from the coalition.


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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem & AP)


  1. If the guy didn’t wear that diaper/hijab on his head perhaps Bennett would be able to see him unless Bennett couldn’t really look him in the eye!

  2. “If the guy didn’t wear that diaper/hijab on his head perhaps Bennett would be able to see him unless Bennett couldn’t really look him in the eye!”

    The Kafiyye shows that he’s not ashamed to be an Arab. The little flap hanging off the back of Bennett’s head sadly shows that he is ashamed to be a Jew. Making fun of the way Arabs dress unfortunately doesn’t make Jews have more pride in who they are, it just makes Jews look stupid and petty.

  3. Bennett PERIOD is a big mistake….one of necessity though …Hashem never makes a mistake….I hope we all vote better next election or the one coming..I am in for Bibi..if he runs…..goes to show you even a fool makes money or perhaps he doesn’t and his company a lie or whatever.