EGO ABOVE ALL: Investigators Believe Trump’s Ego – Not Money – Was His Motive to Steal Classified Documents


As the Justice Department’s probe into Donald Trump’s mishandling of classified information continues, investigators have reportedly come to believe that Trump’s ego, and his wish to have them as “trophies” was the motivating factor in his theft of the documents found at Mar-a-Lago.

Investigators have combed through the documents to see whether there are any patterns among the documents taken by the former president, and they have found that there are no possible business motivations that could have been had by Trump, according to a report from the Washington Post.

Trump advisors told the FBI that each time he was told to give the documents back, Trump’s stance became more rigid, and he took the advice of lawyers who said he can keep them. Trump, according to the report, insisted that the documents were his, not the U.S. government’s.

“It makes perfect sense as to why prosecutors would be spending time scouring through the various records and documents to look for some kind of pattern or theme to explain why certain records were kept and why others were not,” Robert Mintz, a former federal prosecutor, told the Post. “In presenting a case to a jury, prosecutors typically want to explain the motive for committing a crime. It’s not necessary to prove a crime, but it helps tell the story of exactly how a crime unfolded, according to the government.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. It’s not ego nor money. Of course it can also be ego at play, like anyone, but it’s also that he totally doesn’t trust them to ever give him documents he will need in future cases against the DOJ, as you can well imagine…

  2. He did not “steal” anything; he is entitled to keep his personal papers, which are his property and not the USA’s. The determination of what is a personal paper and what is a presidential paper is largely up to him. Furthermore, even with genuine presidential papers he is entitled to free access to them, so at most he “borrowed” them, not “stole” them.