WATCH: More Terror In Israel At Smotrich’s Yishuv: Armed Arab Is Neutralized

An armed Arab is seen on security camera attempting to infiltrate the yishuv of Kedumim in the Shomron; The gun found on the terrorist after he was neutralized. (IDF spokesperson)

Folllowing two terror attacks in Israel over Shabbos in the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Neve Yaakov and Ir Dovid and an attempted terror attack in the Jordan Valley on Motzei Shabbos, another attempted terror attack took place in Israel on Motzei Shabbos when an armed Arab attempted to infiltrate the yishuv of Kedumim in the Shomron, where Finance Minister Betzalel Smotrich lives with his family.

Fortunately, the operator monitoring the yishuv’s security cameras noticed suspicious movements outside the yishuv and alerted the security guards to the area. When the guards located the terrorist, they yelled out a warning and then shot and neutralized him.

A statement from the yishuv emphasized that the terrorist did not succeed in entering Kedumim and there were no casualties.

In the video below, the terrorist can be seen trying to make his way into the yishuv.

An IDF spokesperson said: “A terrorist armed with a gun was identified on the peripheral road of the Kedumim yishuv, in the area of the Shomron Brigade. The terrorist was neutralized by members of the yishuv’s security system. IDF forces are conducting scans in the area.”

The residents of the yishuv were ordered to stay in their homes until searches of the area were completed.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Omg. Why are they stil living in kedumim.
    What a חילול השם + התגרות באומות.

    If ח”ו a terrorist attack happens their lt will be their own fault.

  2. @jayD
    you’re still living in shmutz Learetz and u have the chutzpah to ask this? it’s a part of israel

    you’re more at fault for choosing money over the promised land

  3. Lazer I think u shud be able to figure that out by making a tzad hashoveh to the other times the word has appeared in a title on this site.

    Agav urcha I’d like to note that I am a big fan of neutralization

  4. Yossi_Shtup,

    – it’s “right out of my mouth”, there’s no “w”…

    – the fact that you agree with JayD is no surprise judging by previous comments from you and others of your ilk; it just shows the contempt you have for the present-day safety of the yidden who live in that land and in eretz hakodesh as a whole

    – i suggest you quickly do teshuva. Mashiach is not going to be an anti-zionist; quite the opposite