WATCH: Tzviki Paley Leads Siyum Mishnayos L’Zecher His Brothers, H’yd

צילום: שמוליק קורלנסקי

A moving ceremony was held at a Siyus Shas Mishnayos l’illui nishmas the Paley brothers, h’yd in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem on Tuesday evening.

Tzviki Paley, 16, led the siyum for his younger brothers, whose sheloshim was marked on Monday.

A new song was composed for the siyum to the words:

“.בשעת פטירתו של האדם, אין מלווים לו – לא כסף ולא זהב, ולא אבנים טובות ומרגליות – אלא מעשים טובים בלבד”

The song was sung at the event by all the children of the Talmud Torah that the Paley brothers, h’yd, attended.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)