WATCH: בְּדָמַיִךְ חֲיִי: The Paley Family Holds Moving Bris For Their Son

Photos: Yehudah Pollack Beis Yisrael

The Paley family held an emotional bris on Wednesday morning for their son who was born a month after the murder of their two sons Asher Menachem and Yaakov Yisrael, h’yd.

The baby was named Yonasan Rafael. The bris was held at Ullmei Beis Yisrael in Jerusalem.

Reb Paley recited the bracha of Shechiyanu in a broken voice choked with tears as the newborn’s wails could be heard in the background.

HaMashgiach HaRav Don Segal, whom Reb Paley is very close to, served as the sandak.

And after the tears came the simcha:

HaMashgiach HaRav Don Segal
Yehudah Pollack Beis Yisrael
Yehudah Pollack Beis Yisrael
Yehudah Pollack Beis Yisrael

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. How these people maintain their emunah is mind boggling. I actually cried during refaenu so the father should have a refuah shlaima. My cries along with the rest of klal yisroel made an impact in shamayim

  2. @wackaway that Mohel is Moshe Weissbord (the son of the famous Yerushalmi Mohel, “Yossaleh”).
    He is known as perhaps the biggest Mumcheh in Milah worldwide. He has done tens of Brissim every day for many, many years. He probably knows what he’s doing.
    Also, that is what you choose to put point out by the bris for parents that lost 2 sons in the terrorist attack?
    Check your yichus. Yidden are Rachmanim by nature.

  3. Wow Todros. For someone preaching about how “by nature Yidden are Rachmanim”, you sure are quick to pounce and bite another jew the minute he comments something not to your liking. You sure YOUR Yichus is ok ?