RON DUKAKIS: Trump Unveils New Insult for Archnemesis Florida Governor


Former President Donald Trump may have found his favorite insult by which to call his top political rival, Ron DeSantis, unveiling a spanking brand new nickname for the Florida governor: Ron Dukakis.

The insult wasn’t coined by Trump, but rather by Steve Hilton, a Fox News host who shared side-by-side images of failed 1998 Democratic presidential candidate Mike Dukakis and Ron DeSantis both wearing military helmets.

The image of Dukakis is infamous, and many blamed his failed candidacy on it.

Of course, Dukakis didn’t serve in the military and thus he looked silly while wearing a military helmet in a desperate attempt to make himself seem more pro-military. DeSantis, on the other hand is a decorated Navy veteran.

Even so, Trump’s new nickname is likely to get a better reception from his fans that the confusing “Ron DeSanctus” did.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Only a narcissistic maniac like trump would make fun of a decorated veteran in his presidential campaign. Then again he did it to McCain too.

  2. So American politics has degenerated so much that we have news articles covering the different childish nicknames political opponents create for one another?

  3. This man may not serve as president! He is a despicable egoistic narcissist! We don’t need him. There’s a reason his own have abandoned him. He is mean and cruel.

  4. Chasid read again. It wasn’t Trump who said it. And even if he now repeats it, it isn’t “only a narcissistic maniac like trump would” etc. etc.
    McCain deserved every bit of it, and yet only Trump was bold enough to deliver. Trump only did that to McCain after McCain ridiculed the thousands of his own constituents who rallied for Trump for saying to build a wall, calling them stupid or whatever….
    DeSantis is not a fighter against the establishment. He’s only fighting the left. He’s a great fighter against the left as a governor, but at the same time he’s rewarding the election stealers and the J6ers by providing a fight to Trump even though he did win big in 2020.

  5. Yaapchik, and yet despite all of his character flaws, he was an excellent president, probably the best since Coolidge. If he’s reelected there’s no reason to suppose he won’t be a good president again. Of course many people would be better. I won’t be voting for him in the primary. But if he makes it to November, and the alternative is a Democrat, then it’s not even a question that all decent people should hope he wins.

  6. @MDShweks
    Trump is a vain man who appeals to the worst of people to get his way.
    Literally every person he hired on his team he subsequently fired and called them “idiots” or whatnot.. theres an old saying which probably applies here; “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…”

    Additionally, the job of a politician is to lead a nation. The contention that trump is a leader is seriously flawed.
    While many want to blame the “left” for the current state of affairs, they conveniently forget that a lot of the “extremist” aspect is a direct result from Trumps belligerence.
    While some may applaud “all out war” on the establishment, that is neither a wise, nor effective tactic.
    And look at what we got for it.. Biden.

    And all trump supporters are to be blamed. You hired a fighter. You got a fight.
    You got a fighter who was “all in”. And then people are surprised when the other side fights back.
    Thats not Leadership. Thats more like ‘Custars last stand’…

    The Israelis are dealing with that right now.

    The point is, its not enough to be “right”, because if your not also “smart” about it, you will end up further than where you started.

    Tha above should suffice as a rebuttal of your “hes an excellent president” line.

  7. Trump and his supporters have prioritized getting the nomination over winning the election. A candidate in the primaries needs to recall that the person they insult during the primaries is the one whose support they need in the election.

    Whereas Trump and Biden managed to avoid getting drafted, Dukakis did serve two years, and De Santis spent a considerable time on active duty and reserves including service in a combat zone (and note that by the time De Santis was an adult, military service was only on a volunteer basis).