WATCH: “The Am Voted For Judicial Reform:” Right-Wing Protest In Jerusalem

Right-wing protest. Photo: Regavim

Tens of thousands of people are demonstrating on Monday evening in favor of judicial reform outside the Knesset in Jerusalem.

The demonstration is being held between Gan Sacher and the Supreme Court, at the back entrance to the Knesset building.

The organizers of the rally Avichai Boron and Berele Crombie said: “The right-wing camp must stand up now and choose its independence. If this time they steal our elections and invalidate our choice at the ballot box – we will always remain second-class citizens. It’s now or never.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is am Yisrael
    Not paid imported NGO
    The whole country must come out.

    There is no such a think as SILENT MAJORITY ANYMORE.
    It’s all majority. Elected officials. And a democracy.
    Not Paid for UN and EU and US imported demonstrators.

  2. Reiven: The vast majority of demonstrators opposed to these so-called “reforms” were NOT imported by anyone. You can repeat these mindless rants but repetition does not add any credibility. Nor is there any empirical evidence that so called “judicial reform” was the primary motivating factor for the recent elections as compared with the ineptness and political tone deafness of the prior left-wing coalition . Bibi ran a smart campaign and while mentioning the need to limit the judiciary’s over-reach, among multiple other issues, it was not the focal point of his campaign.

  3. Again, time to say it like it is (and i’ll get to the point about the protests soon). Its hysterical how on the one hand, most on YWN are anti-Trump without taking into account his ADHD per author Dr. Kruse, yet ironically most on YWN are also rooting for Netanyahu, despite both Trump & Netanyahu representing conservatism. You forget – Dovid Hamelech’s life was saved by becoming a “shoteh”. Don’t you realize, it’s the sort of “shoteh” resilience of ADHD, that can withstand the premeditated flak which Trump was subjected to by globalagressives? Would other candidates be able to roll with the punches to the extent Trump has, without cracking? You better believe there’d have been the same punches directed at “sane others” as Trump has received.

    Now back to the point of the Israeli protests. I wonder – how many of you would genuinely root for the kingdom of Moshiach as you have for Netanyahu versus the protests? Because I can practically guarantee that Moshiach would not endorse many of the מדות which currently are endemic in the חרדי community. To phrase it another way, though the חרדי community supposedly is “conservative”, yet it’s a “faux” conservatism, due to its progressive style of behavior בין אדם לחברו

    Which leads to the point:
    Do you really think these protestors were born yesterday? Do you really think they don’t fear that their kids or grandkids might grow up mimicking similar behaviors, should חרדי middos predominate? Do you really think that if all along חרדים had been kinder/trusty/courteous and less conspicuous consumption, there would be such massive protests not to mention antisemitism? What goes around, comes around. I know there will be “oiber choochoms” here who’ll say that the latter needs no excuse. But עשיו שונא יעקב is a default proviso for when עם ישרא doesn’t tow the line, like it or not.

  4. any knows y in the world the Israel government need to negotiate with the left wing???
    one reason please???????????????
    they won the election with a landslide they can do what ever they want backed by the country
    when the left government did what ever they want they didn’t ask the right wing what to do
    i need one reason???