1 Dead, 6 Injured As Rocket Hits Apartment Building In Central City Of Rechovot


One person was killed and five people were injured on Thursday evening when a rocket scored a direct hit on a three-story residential building in the central city of Rechovot.

Two men, ages 50 and 74, and two women in their 70s in moderate condition and one victim in mild condition were evacuated to Kaplan Hospital in the city. Two people were treated for shock.

MDA paramedics said: “When we arrived on the scene we saw massive destruction. We immediately entered the building to search the apartments. In a third-floor apartment, we found an unconscious male victim with severe multisystem trauma, and could only pronounce him dead. In another apartment, a 74-year-old male was found trapped with his leg under the rubble. He was extricated by firefighters and taken by stretcher to the MDA ambulance that evacuated him to the hospital in moderate condition. Further MDA teams arrived on scene and provided treatment to three additional victims in moderate condition and one in mild condition.”

In the religious yishuv of Kfar Maimon, a rocket hit the yard of a home and a woman was lightly injured.

Direct hit in Kfar Maimon. (Israel Police)

In Sdot Negev, a woman was lightly injured by a rocket that fell in the yard of a home.

A foreign worker was moderately injured by shrapnel that fell in a yishuv in the Eshkol Regional Council, close to the Gaza border. There are also reports of three direct hits in Sderot. At least one person was lightly injured.

This is a developing story.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Iron Dome is not invincible. The system can be overwhelmed by a large barrage of cheap rockets.

    רפואה שלמה

    continue bombing them

  2. Israel should not negotiate a cease fire for now. Keep bombing. The terrorists have learned they can do as they please and Egypt negotiates a cease fire before Israel’s bombing becomes painful.

  3. Rechovot, and so close to KBY.
    Time has finally arrived to totally blow up & incinerate entire Gaza once & for all, to prevent even 1 more casualty in 🇮🇱 השם ירחם