SEE IT: Christie Accuses CNN Of Rigging Town Hall Audience For Trump

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

Former GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie tore into CNN for allowing Donald Trump to steamroll his way through a town hall last week – and accused the network of making it essentially a Trump rally.

Specifically, Christie said CNN obviously made a deal with Trump to have the audience consist almost entirely of people who already support him, allowing the ex-president to avoid taking any hard-hitting questions from undecided Republicans.

“Let’s face it, CNN went in the tank to get Trump on there,” Christie said. “They allowed him to negotiate who was going to be in that audience, and those were all Trump supporters.”

“I don’t care how they introduced them. I know a lot of those people in that audience, I spent a lot of time in New Hampshire eight years ago, and a lot of those are the same faces that I saw eight years ago,” Christie said. “You pay no attention to the audience reaction. Those were all people who in the main, 80 percent or so, were Trump supporters. So that was a negotiation deal that Trump did with CNN and I think CNN was wrong for doing it.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Stupid. Cnn, fox all this : same shareholders. Trump found guilty for sexual abuse and going on tv to give lessons to the world, that is shocking.

  2. Christie loves bashing trump. It makes him feel so good ,
    He is jealous of him.
    He wishes that he could’ve accomplished all that trump did

  3. Zetruth, Trump was found, by a jury, liable for battery, a civil tort… by a jury of NYC democrats.
    He was also impeached twice… by democrat congressman.
    Do yourself a favor and look up a distinction between civil and criminal cases.
    In civil law they can do a judgment call, because it is her word against his, and that is what jury decided here.
    In criminal law this whole case would not stand, due to the lack of real evidence. There is no way to prove this beyond reasonable doubt if she has no idea when it happened. 90s is long time… She also clams same stuff was done to her by 2 other famous ppl.

  4. OF course any loyal leftist wants Trump to be the GOP nominee, not because they think he’ll actually loose, but because they’re planning again to STEAL it! and Trump is the easiest to steal from.

  5. Christy doesn’t get it, CNN deliberately set this up because they want to make sure that Trump gets the nomination.
    Because that’s the only way the filthy treasonous DemonRats have a chance at the Presidency, the only Republican they have a slight chance of beating is that ego maniac MESHUGENER narcissist Trump

  6. Zetruth, was it Trump or Biden that “destroyed America, he filled out his pockets while leaving the entire population in despair”???
    I agree that Trump’s biggest mistake was to keep deep state rats like Fauci in place. That’s why he is not the president at the moment.
    For making Israelis into “lab rats” with untested covid vax you have to blame PM Netanyahu! There is a video of him boasting about that on this site.

  7. Zetruth Until your third post I thought you were just anti Trump. With your third post you just show your an anti vaxxer nut job.

  8. Ah yid, 2021 called and they want their phony, completely debunked talking points back. Let me help u out here since u seem a little lost. At this point anyone who’s pro “vax” or whatever it is that Pfizer is calling their experimental clot shot is the real nut job.