“THE JOKE IS ON US”: Liberal Chris Cuomo Slams Biden Over Border Crisis

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

The situation at the southern border with Mexico is a mess. Even Chris Cuomo is willing to admit it. The disgraced former CNN host – long known for his liberal views – ripped into the Biden administration for ignoring the growing crisis.

“You heard all the politics about how there was going to be an invasion and now there’s literally almost no one here, and for you, the absence of people should be more frightening than seeing the big groups because when you see big groups, that means you know where migrants are,” Cuomo said in a live report from the border on his new NewsNation program.

“The media made a big mistake taking a pass on this because we don’t have the spectacle of massive crowds, okay?” Cuomo said. “The absence should be more frightening because we need to know the answer of where they are, and it really is an indication of how broken this system is.”

“Right and left are wholly unreasonable on this issue. The right couldn’t wait for the hordes to come through, and then when they did and we have our president laughing, “Ha ha ha. It’s not as bad as you expected.” Really? With record numbers being processed and released into America. It’s no laughing matter, but if it is a joke, the joke is on us, because the people in power are allowing this to continue.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Hey Chris, too little too late!
    After years of attacking Trump and punishing him for being the first president to get the border under control, saying he’s a “Racist” and a “Bigot” for doing so, and pushing Biden in 2020, now you come as if you have nothing to do with it!

    The Chutzpa…