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MUSK MADNESS: Twitter Owner Wades Into Massive Antisemitism Controversy

Elon Musk has stepped into a new controversy after making some inflammatory tweets. On Monday, the ultra-wealthy tech mogul likened liberal billionaire and activist George Soros to comic book villain Magneto, a fictional character who is a Holocaust survivor.

“He wants to erode the very fabric of civilization. Soros hates humanity,” Musk followed up.

Musk came under immediate fire over the tweet, with Alex Goldenberg of the Network Contagion Research Institute saying, “Musk’s likening Soros to Magneto isn’t casual; it’s a nod to harmful antisemitic tropes of Jewish global control.”

Even Israel’s Foreign Ministry weighed in, saying that Musk’s tweets had “antisemitic overtones.”

“The phrase ‘The Jews’ spiked today on the list of topics trending on Twitter following a tweet with antisemitic overtones by none other than the owner and CEO of the social network, Elon Musk,” the Foreign Ministry tweeted, adding that his tweet “immediately led to antisemitic conspiracy theories on Twitter.”

But Musk says he’s not an antisemite – “I’m a pro-Semite, if anything,” he claimed – and said he wouldn’t stop speaking his mind even if it scares away investors or consumers.

“I’ll say what I want, and if the consequence of that is losing money, so be it,” the Twitter owner stated.

Making things even more interesting, Ashley St. Clair of the satirical The Babylon Bee, asked, “Was Netanyahu being anti-Semitic when he blamed Soros for the anti-deportation campaign in Israel?” She linked to a Jerusalem Post article about Netanyahu’s comments against the far-left billionaire.

Musk replied to her tweet, “ADL should just drop the A.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

35 Responses

  1. This particular man has enormous influence which should not be understated. I don’t know enough about him to speak to his intentions, but he does have enormous influence. Saying so does not an antisemite make.

  2. I’m not sure I’d label Musk as an anti-semite. He says lots of crazy stuff w/o vetting his words, on just about ANY topic. His mind is probably more complex than most of us understand as to how one individual can morph from genius to bizarre conspiracy theories and mindless memes and tropes and back to genius in nanonseconds.

  3. I want to see that same reporter confront all other CEOs of corporations with the same question – why take the woke side when there are customers of yours on the right? – but you only hear these questions to Elon Musk

  4. This ridiculousness can only arise from woke cancel culture. So if you criticize someone who happens to be Jewish that makes you an antisemite?
    I suppose half the country is racist then, because they were critical of Obama and didn’t vote for him.

  5. No one should be concerned regarding any comment about Soros. It is ONLY Soros (and those like him) by their actions alone, engender anti-semitism.

  6. What’s wrong with criticizing the very evil man, Soros? Are we not allowed to criticize people who deserve criticism because of the race they belong to? Let’s not make this into a Jewish issue, because it is not. And besides, Soros is a Jew-hater himself.

  7. Soros was an alleged collaborator with the Nazis. Soros has a history of burying countries bidding against their currencies by enriching himself. At the cost of other people, he has an aligned himself with and financed with “progressive”causes, which is destroying the fabric of the civilizations he’s resided in. He is everything that the Jewish people shouldn’t be.I would compare him to Micha that Moshe Rabeinu saved that would’ve been better off not being given the opportunity of life that many didn’t get. Let’s not defend this monster. At the same time, it DOES bring out the worst in people by denigrating him it’s a CATCH 22.

  8. Dorah,

    So what’s your excuse? You write lots of crazy stuff without vetting your words, on just about ANY topic. Your mind is certainly simpler and smaller in comparison to other posters, it’s practically non-existent. Yet you are one of the biggest anti-Semites on this site, in the way you constantly defend our enemies and attack other Jews. I guess it’s self-explanatory.

  9. It is a mistake for Jews to defend Soros, or to mention his Jewish heritage. Why do we have to get mixed into arguments that aren’t connected to Yiddishkeit?

  10. I totally agree with Elon Musk on this. George Soros is an evil, wicked Jew hating Jew.

    And whenever anyone speaks up against any evildoers the liberal press jumps on it.

    Elon Musk is a Bastion truth, and honesty and success

  11. Elon “may be Jewish” himself (he avoids discussing religion). He said he had a Jewish upbringing, went to Jewish Day School in SA and kept his very unique Hebrew name (Zevulun’s son).
    If he says publicly that he’s pro-semite, then that’s all I need to know. He has done more in the past 6 months to promote free speech and open dialog (just by decensoring non-dogma-conforming scientists & opening up twitter spaces alone) than most can claim in a life time. He clearly doesn’t care THAT much about money (maybe his not Jewish ..LOL) if he overpaid 40bil for TWTR money pit, so why would he care if his comments cause him to lose one PC advertiser?

    George Soros is a self hating Anti-Israel Jew who has a destibilizing global agenda as far as his investments. I hope one day both find their way back to Hashem with teshuva sheleima.

  12. Once again Elon is correct. I would trust his opinion over many other people considering his accomplishments and he has not let me down yet.

  13. As an Orthodox Jew who used to read comics as a kid (and therefore at least understands who Magneto is,) I don’t see anything Anti-semitic with Musk’s statement. Any ‘hatred’ in this statement should clearly be understood as directed solely at Soros and not at Jews or other Holocaust survivors.

    Yes, there is a lot of Anti-Semitism out there, and much of it goes unpunished and without protest (especially from certain elected officials.) But that does not mean that any statement containing the keywords “Jew”, “holocaust”, or “Nazi” is automatically anti-semitic. Even assuming that the standards of Elected Officials have to be stricter than a private individual. Government officials have to represent everyone fairly and equally, but individuals can have personal opinions about other people.

    Elon clearly ‘dislikes’ Soros, and therefore quite fairly compared him to an evil fictional character. Perhaps cleverly, in order to prevent anyone from (unfairly?) claiming that Soros deserves a free pass because he might be a Holocaust Survivor, Musk specifically chose an evil character that actually was himself a holocaust survivor. That certainly did not justify any of the evil acts he did thereafter to pit himself against all of humanity and his attempts to wipe out all humans.

    (Also note that although Holocaust certainly plays a role in Magneto’s history, ‘Jewishness’ does not at all.)

  14. Not in regard to this specific incident, it so happens that the idea of free speech is
    1. Very far removed from the intent of the founders, namely that govt should not control what people can speak of (it was a form of minimizing the power of govt)
    2. Completely antithetical to the hashkafaos of the torah (also known as, true, good, and sane) in its current “I will say what I want to whomever” form. THAT “free speech” is disgusting.

    Unfortunately a sharp sword will cut both friend and foe when wielded incorrectly (freely?).

  15. We as a community label things as “anti-semitic” WAY too often.

    It’s worse than the boy who cried wolf. At least there the boy didn’t create enemies by crying wolf, he just made himself irrelevant.

    By saying everything is antisemitic, we not only make our voices muted when something important arises, but we also create enemies in the process by labeling someone an antisemite when they in fact are not, or maybe even pro-semite. Let’s cool it down.

  16. I agree with all who say that Sorros is Jewish hater specifically Orthodox Jews and there is absolutely not wrong to call him anti Jewish and behind destroying American people Because HIS ACTIONS SHOW THAT he is a Jew hater and Musk is right.

  17. Criticizing someone who is Jewish is not antisemitic. That’s why the comparison to Bibi is ridiculous. Saying that they are a supervillan who control many parts of the world and hate humanity, is. Especially the hate of humanity part. That’s actually the most ancient and dangerous antisemitic trope. It was invented by Paul himself as the distinction between the universal Christianity and particular Judiasm.

  18. Aslo, it’s really unfortunate here how much people here believe antisemitic conspiracy theories. Even if Soros WASN’T JEWISH (like Bill Gates, World Economic Forum, or QAnon conspiracies) it still is antisemitic since that is where it is derived from and where it will ultimately return.

  19. Sheldon Adelson was a major right wing political donor who influenced global politics in a major way. George Soros is a major left wing political donor who is influencing global politics in a major way. One of them has accusations of “hatred and humanity” and “global manipulation” from right wing authoritarian leaders. It’s clear where the antisemitism is coming from.

  20. soros.posing as a gentile {shaim resha im yirkov}entered Jewish homes immediately after their deportation to assist in ransacking their homes. hardly a holocaust victim!

  21. Criticizing George Soros is not antisemitism.
    People forget he literally lived in the home of a Hungarian Nazi collaborator during the war.
    He was young and may not have known better etc and he claims not to have participated in any atrocities, but he survived the war the through the largesse of his “phony godfather” as the whitewashed story tells.

  22. Mention of Soros by non-Jews is usually code for the concept that Jews secretly run the world and are plotting in the background to destroy Christian civilization. Keep that in mind.

  23. danny boy,

    Sheldon Adelson, a”h, donated to causes and especially to Jewish schools, in order to build the world while the Nazi-helping anarchist George Soros donates to causes that destroy it.

    It’s clear where the antisemitism is coming from; you and the rest of your kapo woke coreligionists.

  24. Criticism of Soro’s behavior and attitudes is NOT antisemitism. In fact, Soros himself is most likely an anti-Semite.

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