“Flight Of Peace:” The Israeli’s Post About Chareidim That Went Viral

Israeli passport. (Photo: Israel Travel)

Chadashot HaSkopim reported on an Israeli social media post that went viral about the experience of an Israeli traveler that changed his mind about Chareidim.

“Yesterday, I returned from Hungary,” the Israeli wrote on Sunday. “And during the flight, I saw a group of religious bochurim beginning to distribute cakes and snacks to all the passengers.”

“I first thought they were crazy but they said that they were doing it for the zechus of a Rebbe whose kever they had just visited who would regularly distribute food.”

“Less than five minutes later, they approached the flight attendants and requested to buy all the drinks and began giving out cups and drinks. That’s what they did the whole flight.”

“I was so moved by the sight that I offered to pay for all their expenses until the last shekel. But they refused to take even a prutah from me.”

“I swear to you that until the day before yesterday, I would have thrown them out the window of the plane – that’s how much I disliked them. Yesterday, I got to know a new sector well and I realized that the reality is completely different. It’s important to me to publicize this to other people like me.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. An interesting kiddush Hashem. I wonder who these boys were. The Rebbe sounds like Reb Shayale Kerestirer, but the bochurim look like regular litvish Yeshiva guys…

  2. Using the word “prutah” gave you away. This post seems made up. Sorry for being cynical. Besides the drinks onboard are expensive, I dont know too many bochurim with the funds to buy drinks for the whole plane.
    Not taking away the mitzvah of distributing refreshments. And if Im wrong for being cynical, then I apologize.

  3. One never knows which acts will go viral. We can choose to walk in front of cars, leave trash on the street or simply not give another glance to the fry person in our neighborhood.

    Or we can remember that each of us has the opportunity to change ourselves and the world around us. It doesn’t take much to wait 2-3 seconds for the car to pass by, out the trash in a can or smile and say “good shabbos” even to someone not frum.

    Maybe that’s why the yetzer hora fights so hard on the small stuff…he knows it’s an easy win.

    Hashem should bench us all with proper decisions and vision to see beyond the next few seconds.

  4. FrumWhere,
    If they came back from Hungary, it’s plausible that indeed it’s from Reb Shayale Kerestirer. You don’t need to be chassidish to go to Reb Shayele. Everybody goes to Reb Shayele, everybody needs Yeshuos, also the litvish Yeshiva guys….

  5. The Chareidim do so much chesed, but the average Israeli have no idea. The volunteerism is astounding. It would be beneficial to everyone if these things were more well known.

  6. I was just today on a flight from Turkey to Manchester when in middle of the flight they announced that someone is not feeling well, straight away a frum person stood up and showed his Ichud hatzalah card and got to help and saved the moment. He told me after that the person is b”h feeling fine.

  7. Ohevet Yisroel, I am also skeptical about news stories online, but are your proofs that this one is fake sound?
    The Pruta was an official currency in the State’s early years; might people still use it as an expression for the tiniest amount of money? (As an American not fluent in Hebrew, I can’t say.)
    We know that there are those who get caught up in the latest “segulos”, and who will spend money that they can’t really afford.