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    There are very few people that know all the history and drama of the CR. While most of us have heard of Joseph, most of us have no idea of the long, complicated drama going on in the CR.

    I suggest that this thread serve the purpose of filling in posters with snapshots of famous posts. Legendary posters of yesteryear, last posts by popular posters, trolling scandals, liars and other important history would be perfect in this thread.

    Place a title and a link to the post that would best describe the piece of history.

    For example:

    ZK stalking Aries



    The drama of Yosef will come to its dramatic climax in Parshas Sheni of this week’s Sidra.



    After he is first thrown in jail for 2 years.



    For a crime he did NOT commit, remember…



    Ok, this is the point where I raise a resounding “Objection!”.

    Those of you who take note of CR history will know that I’m a relative newcomer here. And I’m definitely not one of the 10, 15, or even 50, most famous & influential posters. Maybe you never even noticed that I am a poster!

    For a long time I got used to reading inside jokes, comments, etc about someone named Joseph. In recent days the plot thickens further and becomes a bit sordid. Ok fellow members, I may not be privy to your Joseph jokes, or aware of exactly what’s going on, so I skip over to the threads that I find more interesting & comprehensible. But when some of you, for reasons only understood by yourselves I presume, decide that the story of Joseph in the CR should be linked to the name of Yosef Hatzaddik- that is where I object, protest, and request that the venerable, famous, longtime posters here take a breather and think before setting their keyboards in motion.

    Thank you!



    For a crime he did NOT commit, remember…

    Oomis, I went through the Seder Hadoros trying to learn about Yosef. Apparently he went to jail because he didnt commit the crime. Had he committed the crime he’d have been killed.



    Golfer – agreed.

    But it was a funny joke, and waiting to be said.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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